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Women & Weed: High Diary IX (By @AujaBomaye)

Women & Weed: High Diary IX (By @AujaBomaye)

High Diary,

Okay look… let me explain… A LOT of shit has gone down since our last check in. I can’t even feel bad cuz once I break it down you’ll understand the absence and you’ll probably want the number to my therapist. I’ll write it down for you after I’m done with this entry.

First of fucking all, Donald John The Don Trump is president of the united(in theory) states of America so please excuse any Anne Frank vibes you may get in this entry because I feel like this may be a chronicle of the beginning of the end. He really fuckin did it Diary and I am not really interested in seeing what he does next, I’m tryna get the fuck outta dodge!!!

As of now though, I’m pretending to be a productive member of this broken society. I even got a grown up job and nigga fuuuuck that shit lol I hate it. Only subconsciously tho, you know, gotta keep that non conformist spirit alive as much as possible these days. To be honest, it’s pretty nice to be able to pay all my bills on time AND get back and forth to work with no issue AND eat AND smoke every day AND do hood rat shit with my girls one day after work or on a Saturday when I ain’t gotta work my other job(I’m doing this on purpose now. I like the extra income more than the free time honestly. #washed). Adulthood has come along and gentrified my childish lifestyle of many bad decisions, mistakes and overdraft fees and replaced it with Starbucks every morning, a separate savings account I never touch, and a truly honest effort to get at least 7 hours of sleep each night. So many benefits come along with being a “responsible” “adult”, it should be enough to satisfy any twenty something on the fast track to marginal happiness right?! But if you’re childish and illogical like me marginal happiness just doesn’t quite satiate the palate. Always wanting more keeps you actively chasing after it I guess. Keep the spirit young and all that. Now that it matters anyway since America is doomed and nuclear warfare is probably going to cut my young blossoming future in half. Thanks Donald Trump.

I really can’t fucking believe he did it Diary. Wow.

Speaking of can’t believing things…. The Warriors lost the finals this summer lmaooooooo these fucking choke artists man I still CANT BELIEVE IT. They did some amazing things on the basketball court this past season only to let Lebron and his push to start hairline embarrass them in the finals. While I will always put an asterisk beside any props I unintentionally give Lebruhman, I HAVE to give Kyrie his just dues for his performance. He was a dog every game of the finals and helped put that team on his back. Way to be really good at what you do Kyrie!  And one time for JR Smith who is actually a reeeeaaaallllly great guy deep down underneath all those liters of Henny, who knew?! I have to say my love for basketball grows each season and this new one is no different. The new comers are insanely talented and the vets have made major moves to shake the league up and make shit more interesting than it’s been in a while. I’m so excited biiiiiiitch you know basketball to me is like ya grandma’s stories in the afternoon; secretly one of the main reasons why I love the game so much is THE DRAMA. I get so much life… or is it ball is life? Idk I’m terrible with catchphrases

Views was excellent and anybody that wanna debate about it can suck ya mudda cuz I ain’t tryna hear it. That shit knocks. You hating. Stop it.

Also… Birdman is going straight to hell and when I get down there I might have to shoot him this fade for what he did to Wayne smh

Also also… Young Thug and Travis Scott, two artists whom, until just recently, I despised, both dropped albums that made me completely change my musical opinion of them and I love when that happens. I’m so impressed and there was really no avoiding the lane switch in either case because both Jeffery and Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight were fucking flaaaaammmmmeees with like 8 fire emojis. When I say good, I mean so good I had to go back and listen to some old shit from them with new ears like “was it really as bad as I thought it was or was I just hating?” The verdict seems to be that I have the propensity to be a hater sometimes. Eh. It is what it is, I’ve seen the light, let’s all just shut up about it now THANKS.

I wish I could keep writing forever until you’re all caught up on every single minute little detail of the happenings of the world but that’s way too depressing honestly because 2016 just might be the worst year I’ve ever experienced to date. So much loss and destruction and savagery and hatred, I mean good grief are we all dead and already in Hell or what? I’m not even sure anymore. I’m really hoping the New Year brings a fresh new wave of love because we sure could use it. That’s all for now tho, peace and blessings.

Bye Diary.



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