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Why Introverts Are Prone to Sadness and Ruin

Why Introverts Are Prone to Sadness and Ruin

*Via CharlieManson for TheColi.Com*

To the fellow introvert brehs…(not the socially awkward motherfukkers that can’t operate social mores…I mean introverts)

You have to understand something about being an introvert…it’s not just about how you respond to people, but it’s also has to do with motivation.

You are internally motivated. Extroverts are externally motivated.

You as an introvert wanna take your inner world and impose it on the “real” world and extroverts wanna change the outer world to their will.

The sad thing is…this is world is built and made for extroverts. Everything in this world is about external motivation.

Nobody really asks what you want and what you would like to do, they tell you what you want and what you should do. It’s bad for introverts…it’s a shytty way to live.

But it is fine for extroverts, that’s how they normally function.

They see a shiny new car…they want it. They see the baddest bytch or the sexiest man alive…they want it. They see the biggest house in the neighborhood, they want it. They get told what the highest grade a student can achieve, they want it. They get told what best college in the world is, they want to get into it.

And when they get the shyt…they feel like they achieved something.

Introverts aren’t motivated like that. Introverts are motivated by “becoming”. An evolution of our character or being…which has a physical manifestation in the outer world. Which is why we gravitate towards art and science and even sports. Mastering yourself and your craft has a physical manifestation.

Prime an example of an introvert is Kobe Bryant. Watch his interviews and how he approached basketball. He’s a fukking introvert.

But there’s hardly anytime or space for this…since we are in an extroverted world and we are ultimately made to conform to being extroverted while the more talented of us get into fields like the sciences and the arts and sports…where we can be introverted.

So getting the nice car, the big house, the baddest bytch or sexiest man, the highest grade, going to best doesn’t make us fulfilled…don’t get me wrong…it’s nice, it feeds our ego…but we wouldn’t be fulfilled…

So while you are unhappy as fukk being pushed along the extroversion path which starts at elementary think something is wrong with you…you don’t feel anything…you feel dead…you aren’t motivated to do anything.

You overwhelm yourself with physical sensations…

You overeat or you over exercise

You masturbate alot or you become promiscuous

You do drugs

You immerse yourself into fantasy worlds via video games or television…where you can drift away into your inner world

Or even worse…

You end up like Van Gogh…locking yourself away and surrendering yourself to the craft of your choosing at the expense of everything else. Which is cool in some masochistic way…but who wants to starve and paint all day :francis:

Find a way to break away from the extroversion. Find a way not to conform. Find your path. Resist extroversion, find your internal motivation and listen to it and pursue it.



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