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We’re all hoes (By @__TheWill)

We’re all hoes (By @__TheWill)

First and foremost let me start off by saying shout-out @AujaBomaye for writing this article and capitalizing the word Hoe and recognizing it’s place in the grammatical world as a proper noun. Now lets get down to business. There is an age old question among men that is used as an equalizer a measuring stick if you will, to judge the women that we choose to spend our time with and do the unspeakable (fornication, tap guts and my personal favorite secks). And it is a question so simple yet so timeless “Is she a Hoe?”. But as the article stated what are the qualifications of being a Hoe and how is Hoeness measured? Well I think I have answers to both that I’ll be happy to share.

Let me start with what a Hoe is and the qualifications of becoming one. Being a Hoe is an enigma. Is it a title strictly reserved to women who have a casual met in the club won’t remember you at all but come and wreck these walls random penis? Or is it only the girl who had a train ran on her and put it on WorldStar because she wanted some attention. Or maybe it’s just any girl who has sex before she gets married. Can guys be hoes? Webster’s Dictionary or for that matter may never compose a generally accepted definition of the word Hoe that makes the world go “oh yeah that sounds about right” and we all understand who or what Hoes are and we go on our merry way. But I can tell you what I think and it may surprise some of you so here it goes.

We’re all hoes.

Yup that’s right man, woman, and animals (especially dolphins) we’re all just some hoes so we might as well come together and love each other. But let me explain why I think we’re all just a bunch of hoes. You can check my math on this but I’m pretty sure 98.35% of the people reading this have had secks before. And I’m pretty sure that makes us hoes. If I had things my way I would change the negative connotation on the word Hoe to a positive one. Kind of like how black people spun the word “nigga” (white people I still don’t recommend you go around publicly saying nigga save that for long car rides home bumping Gucci’s album or something) it’s all how you look at it. Being a Hoe in my opinion should not necessarily be a bad thing but you do have to own up to it male or female. Imagine a world of being called a hoe and you didn’t receive any flack for it. All it meant was you have a large number of sexual encounters with a wide variety of different people. No judgement, but hey you just might not be a person I want to tap guts with due to an increased risk of catching an STD no big deal. We can still kick it though. Or lets say I know you’re a hoe so you probably know how to huckabuck (don’t ask) and I want to see what that side of life is like. Again no big deal. At the end of the day what a woman or man does behind closed doors or even in a Wal-Mart parking lot shouldn’t be judged. Just accept it and make a decision on if you want to be with that person or not.

Now let’s talk about being a Hoe is measured which if you think about it is kinda wack and again we should spin it and put a positive connotation on it. I’ll use the most basic, standard example and it’s usually guys referring to girls. If she pops it for a real one the first time we meet she’s a Hoe right? WRONG! Technically that makes us Hoes too. Now don’t get me wrong I definitely use to think this way but I have now seen the error in my ways. That’s probably the dumbest frame of mind ever. Why would you judge someone off something you both wanted to happen?! Act like you weren’t starring at her booty the whole night wishing you could spread those legs and eat your way to her heart all you want. That person isn’t a hoe they’re just easy and guess what you are too! And neither one of you should be ashamed about it and if you are just don’t do it! Being easy is no flaw it could end up having you taking a Magic Johnson pill but it’s no flaw you just have to be careful. When it’s all said and done Hoe can defined a million different ways it’s subjective. And personally I think we’re all Hoes and need to get over ourselves and thinking someone is better or worse strictly off of body count. I say we all take a page out of my peoples book ‘How to spin racism” and spin the negative connotation on the word Hoe to a positive one. You can’t spell Hero with out Hoe ladies and gentleman remember that.



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