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Nightmares From The Night Shift: @Five5InSocks

Nightmares From The Night Shift: @Five5InSocks


First off let me say that I did not choose this shift. Wouldn’t have chosen it if given an option. But I guess my bills made me take it. Humans are not nocturnal. We’re not made for this. Between 2am-5am, it’s hilarious to walk around the room and see people. They legit look like zombies. Laughing to themselves. Playing catch. Weird shit like that. Before I started this job, I gave myself a pep talk about how easy it would be to adjust. The key was to do everything the opposite of how I did it at the time, right? Hanging with friends? Just meet for lunch. Football and Basketball games? Just watch them at work. Going to bars? Happy hour, duh. Dating?  Y’all can talk before he goes to sleep and after he wakes up. Easy. I was sure I could do everything differently and be okay. Wrong. You’re so exhausted from trying to stay up all night that you literally sleep all day. You’re not waking up at noon because that’s your 1am. You’re not going for drinks at 5pm because that’s your 6am and you’ll have to be at work 2 hours later. Also, people. People will not respect your sleep. Ever. I’ve had friends call me five and six times in a row and ask me for something stupid like loads for a flight that’s a week away.  Like why?! It’s 10am dude. You know I just got home from work at 7am. Humans are assholes and this shift is a piece of shit.


No one is awake this late except for hoes and hobos. After like 3am Central time, most days the TL is dead so I can’t even look for entertaining things on Twitter during the week. If it’s a weekend, your Snapchat is full of people having fun, being normal and it will just make  you depressed. I try to stay off there on weekends.  I work in aviation so there are really chill days and some crazy busy days. You really never know what to expect and that’s part of the problem. To top it off, today is daylight savings time. *inserts eye rolling emoji* Just treasure your regular shifts y’all. Bottom line is either you work for yourself or you work those 9-5s and be happy. Whatever you do, DONT EVER choose to work the nightshift. Enjoy the sunshine, birds chirping, happy hours and brunch. I’ll be sleeping through all
of it.



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