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Focus On Yourself (By @PGoodiezz)

Focus On Yourself (By @PGoodiezz)


“How could I ever let your words affect me, they say hip hop is dead, I’m here to resurrect me.” – Common

When the path is clear to you, nothing can stop you from achieving the success that you have visualized for yourself. The only condition is that you have to believe.

Here are 5 suggestions to consider for the New Year:

–  We are always writing down our goals, now it’s time to write down your results. This is called looking in the mirror with bright lights on. This is your reality. Your results are telling you the truth. Get comfortable in this space and work from here. It’s the only way.

–  Social Media is a distraction. Have fun with it, but stop checking every five minutes. Time blocking helps. Set daily goals and if you hit them by noon, give yourself 15-30 minutes to indulge. When you’ve managed to complete all of your tasks for the day, go play and have fun. Change this habit and you’ll actually attract much better results online and more importantly, you will feel more accomplished.

–  Spend just one hour a week alone with a few books. Look at the ones you’ve never finished and the ones you’ve read twice. Think about what inspired you. Think about how easily your mind develops pictures for your thoughts. Keep those thoughts and feelings readily available, like spiritual armor to get you through each day. The feelings you associate with the events that take place in your life give them meaning. If you practice this mini escape, you will teach your mind to shift focus no matter what is going on in your life.

–  Take more walks this coming year and leave your phone at home. There is something so special about connecting with nature, even in a big city. Take a deep breath, taste a rain drop, soak up the sun, talk to strangers, make people smile. This is humanity in motion and you will remember how beautiful you are. Everyone you meet has a gift for you.

–  Give yourself a break. Focusing on yourself isn’t about abandoning others; it’s about learning who you are and loving where you stand in this very moment. It okay to take a break from making calls, visiting friends, going out etc. to just be with you. You won’t miss a thing.

Cheers to an amazing holiday season and 2017, we all have work to do and it starts with yourself.



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