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Give The Poet Some: @WriterFromBklyn

Give The Poet Some: @WriterFromBklyn

Letter To My Women

Whatever happened to the aspirations of greatness?
Women mature faster than men but yet they’re still immature,
Running the streets reckless with no sense of direction,
They think the only thing they’re good for is getting up and putting down an erection,
Whatever happened to the dream chasers?
The ones on the sheets of Ebony and Essence that showed black women for their beauty,
Not video hoochies that degrade themselves for minimal cheese
Whatever happened to them girls that actually know the proper way to be treated by a man?
They live in a single parent household and never had that bond
Mothers and daughters nowadays, sad to say, barely get along
So young baby girl is out in the streets,
Spreading her legs for every Tom, Dick and Harry that she meets just to feel complete,
Why do women settle for the disrespect even when given an outlet they still won’t put them in check?
Some women have become so dependent on men that they become emotionally helpless without someone in their life,
So they’ll stick around through all the cheating and lies instead of actually finding a man that’ll do them right,
Why can’t women find the strength to actually move on,
Find a book and put their focus on something else, like a brighter future something that’ll grow long?
Chicks walking around looking like shit, smelling like ass, and their mentalities aren’t shit
It starts from the home,
Once that father is gone a girl won’t know how to love,
Won’t know how to be treated,
So the emotional bond between her and a man is initially cheated,
So her dependence on a man is going to always be needed,
But what about those that have fathers and still goes through the hassle of these niggas in the, street,
Settling for false dreams, wack sex and still the ends never meet,
It’s crazy how all the bad ladies are prego and all the good ones are shaky,
Mentally messed up because of how one or a group of immature niggas that crossed their paths made em,
So instead of moving on from all the hurt little mama you won’t cause that’s all you know,
You could do much better for your future but instead you want to portray yourself as a hoe,
And you wonder why you keep attracting ain’t shit niggas,
Because when you treat yourself like shit you attract that type,
Not saying that with the statement that I’m always right but sometimes you have to have a, better judge of character,

Only be with someone who loves and respects your mind, body and soul as one and can see, marrying you rather than one night standing you,
A lot of my strong black women don’t get the topic,
Think about where this relationship is heading before you get to the bedroom those pants get, dropped quick,
I’m preaching, not as a pastor, but as a good dude that hates to see when beautiful women get, done so rude,
But I’m not going to tear you down I’m going to lift you up,
Embrace the color of your skin and build you up ,

And let you know that there’s much more to life than a “good dick” for one night,

Truth be told some dudes actually have standards,
Just because you throw the pussy at me don’t mean I’m going grab it,
I’m going to look at you like damn that’s a sad bitch,
Yeah I said it but you’d rather hear it from me in writing,
Than hearing it out in public from other motherfuckers,
I’m speaking to you as a real man wanting a real black woman to realize their worth,
What happened to your predecessors, your Michelle Obama, Oprah, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Coretta Scott King’s
If I see you in the street and say, “pssst,” you better not look back for anything,
That’s how you know your worth,
Don’t settle for being called a “bitch, hoe, skank, smut, or slut” any name above your own or beautiful black female,
When I ask for your attention I’ll address you as you are,
“Excuse me miss, how are you?” No disrespect at all,
But some of y’all want that hood nigga,
That nigga that would run up on you and grab your arm,
Where are your morals?

Why do you insist on settling for the ones that approach you wrong?
Then you wonder why you always find Mr. Wrong because when Mr. Right was there,
Telling you and whispering sweet nothings in your ear you let him pass.
For somebody who talked a lot of chit-chat about this and that but really wasn’t bout it,
The dudes with the most pull are dudes like me that don’t have swag but their demeanor is far, more cool and modest,
Now think about your destiny and who you’re really destined to be,
A strong black female or another nappy headed hoe in the street.

Letter To My Men

When are we going to start giving a fuck,
And stop chasing the farfetched dream for the big bucks?
Hitting the streets, running amuck, putting our lives on the line for a standard goal that we can’t live up to,
When are we going to start taking care of our responsibilities and stop having all these babies around and leave a single mother without any stability?
But your dumb ass want to hit the club, smoke the best bud, sell the best drugs but can’t take care of your shit, being a man,
If that’s the case use a rubber my nigga,  I mean that’s what they made for,
Instead you don’t think about that 18 year bill once you step out that door but guess who y’all leave stuck with it:
The lady, for that one minute she was in love with the idea of you being her everything,
And her having your child just dispelled her world of all the bad things but when the going gets, tough your ass just left,
Not worrying about the innocent breath of a baby boy or girl whose life you just left,
Nigga you just fucked your family, no incest,
Why? Because you weren’t ready to man up,
Then you got a baby here and there ,

Like hold on you ain’t learn from the first one,
Then you mad because ladies go to the higher ups,
Y’all new niggas kill me,

When I see a lady with 3 kids and they all yours and you’re nowhere to be found,
Then when we see you you’re parading round town with another girl,
How crazy you think she must feel giving up 27 months of her life that could’ve went to, something real,
But instead she has to do it all alone while you run the streets ballin’ on a minimum wage, budget and still living in your mama’s home,
When will my brothers realize everyone can’t be a ball player and everyone can’t rap?
Why would you even settle for being a drug dealer or gangster when 90% of y’all ain’t even built like that?
Most of y’all were destined to be lawyers, doctors, and other shit but y’all ditch y’all dreams, because school is too hard so y’all say fuck it,
The stereotype for the hood is dropouts by 16, drug dealers by 18, then dead or in jail by 21,
How many of y’all fed right into that lifestyle and for what?
Okay, single parent homes with a mom really ain’t that bad,
I know plenty people that were successful without their dads.
But don’t you see what I mean,
It’s a cycle because everything we do we do for a reason,
I could never understand how a child who has it all would go the wrong way and take a major, fall,
Could you figure that out?
Some of us have street dreams because there’s no other way out,
I truthfully feel we all have an outlet.
We all have different goals and aspirations that set us apart,
But I never feel that drug dealing or gang banging is their natural way out,
It just gives them some kind of family bond that in their broken home they were living without.
My brothers need to step up and realize that all that glitters ain’t gold,
All that shimmers ain’t platinum,
And rapping and basketball ain’t the only successful road,
We have far more gifts than what the man give us credit,
So if that’s the case why are we still living life indebted,
No wonder why the corporate never takes us seriously,
We’re grown ass men that don’t know how to clean up nice?
Shoes, suit and tie and formulate a well-constructed sentence,
That’ll grab the majority attention and demand them to hear it,
Make money and fulfill your dreams while being positive in all things,
Because Barack Obama made something out of nothing and he’s the American Dream,
When you look at him you become inspired to do better things,
Instead y’all niggas rap like Soulja Boy and still trying to spend bread with a bad bitch like Jay Z,
Y’all need to get y’all bars together,
Because even if y’all ball together y’all have a crab in the bucket mentality so y’all won’t get far together,
Break the mold and be who you are,
Stop settling for the dreams of being a rock star.



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