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For The Love Of Thirty! (By @CosThoughts)

For The Love Of Thirty! (By @CosThoughts)

Ladies, if you’re anything like me you’ve probably had an entire blueprint to how you thought your life would be. You figured you would graduate high school, go off to college, meet the love of your life; Simultaneously, get married, have children along with a wonderful 9 to 5 career that would unrealistically allow you to retire within 10 years, right? FUCKING WRONG! The truth is, you spent your Twenties soul searching trying to figure out exactly who you are. Only to realize that by the time this decade is over, you’ll never fully know because life is a constant journey full of changes that will either make you or fucking break you… AND THAT IS ABSOLUTELY OKAY! However, by the time you become comfortable with this idea you wake up one day and realize, “Oh Shit I’m 30!” That bucket list you made won’t get done by now and probably hasn’t even been started. So, lets get a few things clear, shall we?

 You are not your parents! Understand that times are different. Don’t compare where you are now to what your parents did. It’s just that simple.

 Your career may not be solidified! The pressure of finding a permanent career can be more detrimental than expected. We’re not all on the same path and timing as one another. There is no need to compete. Let the pressure go! The best thing about the process is taking the time to get to know yourself. Find what you’re passionate about and make it lucrative! We are living in times where 9 to 5’s are almost obsolete. You can literally make your own way these days!

 That thing known as marriage doesn’t always happen so easily! No longer are the days when you are in adolescence getting married off. (Unless it is in your culture to do so.) There is no time frame to when you should be married. The goal should be to do it once and do it right! Don’t get caught up in these fraudulent expectations of when, how and to who you should be married. Lets face it, those who allowed the societal standards to speak louder than their desires are probably miserable in their marriage anyway!

 It’s okay to not have children yet! Nuff Said!

 As women, we have it hard enough. Lets try not to let some of the biggest decisions of our lives be made on the basis of what we feel we SHOULD be doing, as opposed to the timing of which these events naturally occur!



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