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8 Things We Learned From Ghost About What Not To Do As Parents (By @MoneyMarr)

8 Things We Learned From Ghost About What Not To Do As Parents (By @MoneyMarr)

Come on mannnnn. Come on. I wasn’t going to write about this but after seeing the newest episode of Power I had to put something together to express my feelings towards the situation.  Ghost is taking care of his kids financially but as far as being there as a father? He definitely dropped the ball.  Kanan killed his son in Season 2 but there’s still some lessons you can learn from him as far as what NOT to do as a father (hint:don’t kill your child).  Here’s a list of things we can learn from tv’s favorite drug dealing father.

  1. If your past isn’t squeaky clean, make sure you’re transparent with your kids so that you can show them what NOT to do.  I get it.  It’s not the easiest thing to talk about with your kids but they still deserve to know.  As long as you’re not glorifying it you should be fine.  In the event that your profession is centered around glorifying it (rappers), make sure your kids are crystal clear on the difference between art and life.  Ghost walks around like this hot shot club owner and does a good job at providing for his family but there’s no reason his son should have to hear from a stranger about his coke dealing days.
  2. Teach your kids not to ride with strangers and they DEFINITELY shouldn’t be drinking after them! In what world do we live in that a kid jumps in the car with someone he just met and starts drinking from their straw? Come on bro, enough is enough. You just doing whatever to get back at your pop? This should be a no brainer but you never know. This leads me into number 3.
  3. Make sure your kids are always updating you on their whereabouts so that you can know where they are in case a crazy man decides to put a gun to the back of their head.  Sometimes sheltered kids have a skewed perception of the world and think that everyone is “cool”.  It happens.  You as the parent, the one who sheltered them in the first place, should know this about your children and should have systems in place to protect them from their own naivety.
  4. When something traumatic happens to your kids, make sure you’re talking to them and finding ways to help them cope.  Shawn spent more time with Riq than anyone in the family.  It’s a huge deal when someone loses their best friend. Death affects everyone differently and you’re not watching the situation closely it could lead to your child acting out of character.
  5. If you do decide to leave your family for another woman, make sure you at least care enough to get your child help if they start acting out.  The whole bringing the gun to school incident should have been enough for Ghost to see that his son is crying for help.  Ghost and Tasha were able to use their money and influence to get Riq back in school but i don’t feel like they addressed the issue as thoroughly as they should’ve. He brought a gun to SCHOOL for heaven’s sake. He could’ve shot someone or he could’ve shot his self.  At this point it’s time to have a few heart to hearts.
  6. If you do bring your kid’s over your side chick’s house, make sure you’re there with them the ENTIRE time.  GHOST HAD HIS DAUGHTER OVER HIS SIDE DIP HOUSE WASHING AND DRYING DISHES BY HERSELF. WHAAAAAAAT?! Come on man. Come on.
  7. Spend time with your kids.  I like in season 2 that Ghost let his son come spend the night with him and they just took time to bond.  All things considered that was pretty dope of Ghost and I have to give him his props there. He also made an attempt of getting in his son’s good graces by promising to take him to a basketball game.  That takes me into number 7.
  8. If you do have to change plans last minute, make sure you make it up to your kids in a timely manner.  The Jamaican hit men kind of ruined that night but Ghost should’ve put a plan in place asap to make it up to Tariq.

I’m sure i missed a lot but these are some of the bigger issues that stuck out to me.  Leave a comment with some things you learned not to do as a parent from Power. If you liked the list, please share on Facebook.

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