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How To Get Her Back Pt. 2: The Shawn Michaels “Heart Break Kid” method (By @BABYGATOR)

How To Get Her Back Pt. 2: The Shawn Michaels “Heart Break Kid” method (By @BABYGATOR)

After reading part one I hope you went out and bought the same gloves Sting had on when he went against the NWO because it’s time to get your hands dirty.


What do Tom Brady, Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds and Shawn Michaels all have in common? They are winners and are also willing to bend the rules to win. Some people may call it cheating or lying but hey we’re not here to judge.

It’s a reason it’s called the game of love, because you have to play to win. Now look I’m not saying you have to go out and get her man killed. What I’m saying is how bad do you want her back? Are you willing to bend the rules a little? If not then you don’t really want her back and that’s fine. For those of you that came to win though stick with me.

I know what you thinking but Gator this doesn’t seem right! You think Lance Armstrong thought twice when he was shooting up roids in the forest to become a champion? You think Barry Bonds was worried about the public when he was breaking records? No because they came to win. How bad do you want it?

There’s a story about Shawn Michales that goes something like this. Back in the day he met a chick who was dating another wrestler. He wanted her so what did he do? He got her! After 8 months people found out she was cheating on her boyfriend with Shawn Michaels. So what did he do? He did what any winner does he lied and said it was Brett Heart she was sneaking around with. I call this the Shawn Michaels approach to love.

Now following this guide might not be successful for you if you don’t know what you’re doing. So I’m a give you some examples on how to get her back without her ever knowing it was you.

The Invisible Man Trick 

I call this the invisible man trick because she never knows you were there. You need to find out what her new mans Instagram is. Have one of your homegirls who down for you to send him a message on Instagram. Have her flirt with him and try to set up a date. Once you got the evidence have her screenshot it and have her send it to your ex. Let a week go by and hit her up randomly. Chances are she’s having second thoughts about him and you can sneak in.

Don’t have a friend that’s willing do that for you? Well fuck it go make a fake profile and get your hands OJ Simpson dirty beloved.

This some real filthy shit bro my stomach hitting the nae nae as I write this but I’m just trying to help you out.

Stealthy and Healthy

Another trick is what I call the  stealthy and healthy. If the first trick was too dark for you, you can try this. Befriend people she knows that she would never think you would be friends with. Now this can backfire extremely bad because if she bitter about you and finds out you have mutual friends. She could drag your name through the dirt. This works when it’s someone she goes out a lot with and you both somehow end up in the same place together. What you need to do if this happens is be stealthy and healthy. Hide your true intentions. You might be a fucking mess inside but you gotta make it seem like life has never been greater. A man that is winning is contagious. This might give her second thoughts on why she left. Just give her a good vibe and don’t try to rush things.

These are two tricks you can use by now you should know where I’m going with it. Get creative because a phone call and a simp text isn’t going to bring her back bro it’s going to make her hate you more.

At the same time that you are carrying out these attacks you have to treat life like Bruce Wayne when Bane put him in that cave with all the tormented souls.

You need to be working out, going out, getting your money right. These steps are probably the most important because without them your going to end up where you started.

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