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Give The Poet Some: @_MS_TIINY

Give The Poet Some: @_MS_TIINY



What is pain

Pain is weathering the storms

Come out on top & still lose

Cause your hearts been broken

And easy to bruise

Your mind is lost

And easy to lose

Loss of appetite & going crazy

Knowing he’s sleeping next to another lady

Or maybe

Having somebody else’s baby

Pain is seeing you hurt

Watching you cry

Drying your eyes

“I promise I wont hurt you anymore”

“I hate seeing you like this”

Deep down you wanna believe him

But you know he aint shit

How could you do this to me

How could you do this to us

I gave you everything

All of my love

My trust

My heart

My soul

Me being your warmth

But your heart so cold

Me being your rock

Your character so bold

Stories untold

Cuz u think you saving me from the lies

But real eyes


And your truth are real lies


Pain is giving chances

Having faith

In hopeless romances

Its not what you want to do

Being afraid you might lose

Out on something

It might bruise

Cuz your hurting your heart

That didn’t choose

The one you love

But you never knew

It would hurt so much


Pain is planting seeds

And its growing inside you

No chance to blossom

Even if it tried to

Decisions to be made

And time passing by

But you can’t stand his presence

Much less to look in his eyes

You fell out of love

And it’s reached its demise

But you can’t help the LOVE

That’s growing inside

Nya I know that was you

My angel in the sky

So high

My blue

I never heard you

But I hear you

I never held you

But I feel you

I never knew you


Whole heartedly

Its apart of me

I have to wait to see

But the pain eats away at me

So greedily

It hurts…






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