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You Get What You Ask For (By @Quinton_Harris)

You Get What You Ask For (By @Quinton_Harris)

Sometimes in life we ask and pray to God for certain things & we wait & wait & wait thinking the prayer was never answered when in fact it was. It takes years of failure & experience to understand exactly how to pray when asking for blessings. We sometimes also forget God is not our genie & walk that thin line between “wishing” & “praying”.

Lets talk about “Loyalty” since people are always asking for it. What if I told you that you telling someone you considered close/family something so personal/important to you was in fact you being disloyal to them. We know that humans are filled with error but we still choose to treat some like they’re the exception & that’s not their fault when they can’t keep that commitment, that’s your fault for putting a God like burden on them. What if I also told you that in the process of doing that you’re being disloyal to God. He never leaves your side, protects you & carries you when your soul is tired but you don’t think he wants to hear about your secret. When in fact he’s the only way that secret will turn into something you no longer need to hide.

Another thing I see a lot is people constantly saying “I want a real nigga” or “I need a bad bitch”, bartender, Instagram naked flick seller, whatever y’all are calling them these days & I bullshit you not, you get what you ask for. You’ll see those same people crying a few days/weeks later talking about why do I always end up with trash niggas/bitches, well because that’s what you’re asking for. You didn’t ask God to send you a young man/lady who could grow with you, better you, learn from you & fulfill your desires. Nope you wanted what’s being advertised as enticing, funny thing tho if you think about it some of the best things you’ve ever experienced or seen were not advertised at all.

I’m gonna steer away a lil on this one because it’s on my mind. I want you to understand that you attract who you are, not who you think you are or who you think you’ll be. So if you’re surrounded by people you are constantly calling losers, bums, lazy or unmotivated guess what?, that’s you as well. Another example: If you are on social networks dogging out your ex, you’re only telling people about yourself and you look stupid. This doesn’t mean that you can’t get out of that position but you need to accept that you’re in fact in that position at the moment, acceptance will agitate growth & that will put you on the path of betterment. Stop hindering your life, go be what your heart & soul desires.



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