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“Thighs & Eyes”: @MocoLoso

“Thighs & Eyes”: @MocoLoso


Where are you currently living? 

I’m currently living in New Jersey, I just moved here from Chicago.

Which spots do you frequently go to in your area ?

I don’t have any spots yet since I literally just moved, but wherever I live, my generic frequent spots usually include the gym, the nail shop, church, mall and restaurants.


What’s your screen name on all social media accounts ? 

Instagram: MocoVuitton

Twitter: MocoLoso

Snapchat: MocoLoso

Top 5 rappers, snacks and movies 

(Not in order)

Rappers: Gucci, Drake, Future, Kanye West, Jeezy 

Snacks: Popcorn, Hot Cheetos, Purple Skittles, Chips, Jolly Ranchers

Movies: The Parent Trap, Rush Hour, Bridesmaids, Air Force One, Scarface


2 things you learned this summer 

#1 How to really forgive someone. Yes, I had forgiven many times in the past, but when you get to that one incidence when you really DON’T want to forgive someone at all and you feel so convicted in your spirit to do it anyways. I’m thankful for the experience because it was liberating. It was empowering to do something I really didn’t think I had the power to do. 

#2 Never doubt myself.

Dark liquor or white liquor and why 

Neither. I’m really not a drinker anymore so I try to stay away from either. Plus, champagne is always the better choice anyways.


What’s your secret talent ?

I’m a first degree black belt in Taekwondo. So I guess I got a lil ninja in me.

Describe your best characteristics

Trustworthy: I am very good at keeping people’s secrets to myself. As a kid I never told on my sister for anything even though she had no problem snitching on me lol. (Probably explains why she is now a lawyer and I am finishing my training to become a Psychologist.) 

Positivity: I really really try to always have a positive outlook on things in my life and try to encourage my friends or others to see things from a more positive perspective. Being positive is just a choice I force myself to make most of the time, and the outcome is always better than choosing to be negative. And then eventually, positivity kind of becomes like a habit, your automatic response.

Genuine: My face does not hide how I am feeling, therefore I cant fake much of anything at all. (Thank you Jesus) So you can expect me to keep it very real with you at all times. My intentions are always good, but sometimes I can be brutally honest and not everyone appreciates, or is ready for that kind of sincerity. 

Confidence: I carry myself a certain way. My mom did a really good job always instilling me with confidence and self-worth as a child. Worth coming from what I had to offer to the world. She helped me understand the significance in the way I thought and the way I made sense of things, so I began to value that at an early age. Having a intimate relationship with God will also give you confidence in yourself, in your abilities, in your future, everything.. when the trust and faith is there you know your opportunities are limitless because of Him.

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