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The longest Distance (By @aliciamarierob)

The longest Distance (By @aliciamarierob)

Idk how many of you have every dated someone either out of your state or even out of your city but if you have then you know how crazy it can drive you.

Rewind eight months ago. He was starting his last semester of college and only had two classes. He decided (after some pressure lol) to move in with me and just commute to classes on

Tuesday and Thursday’s. Life is lit, bae is with me every day, I’m cooking, cuddling and just loving on him every night. Things are grand. He starts looking for a post grad job before he graduates and I’m thinking like aww man he’s so motivated, I’m so proud. Until he actually finds one. And it’s in MINNESOTA. 12 hours from where we call home in Ohio. It’s doesn’t even really hit me until the week before he leaves that my life’s about to change and not be so lit. Fast forward five weeks after he’s been gone. This negro has coworkers that like him, going out drinking every weekend and not even consistent with the texting/Facetiming anymore. I’m losing my mind.

You try and be understanding that he’s in a new place and of course gonna go out and enjoy the city and night life. Don’t be selfish, don’t complain. Don’t seem jealous. BUT YOU ARE AND THERES NOTHING YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT. You pick fights over the littlest things, you cry, you stalk Facebook. You literally have no control over how he moves. You have to just trust. And yo, trusting someone isn’t so hard when you live together because you’re monitoring the moves, and the time he comes home, and you guys have a schedule. But trust is hard when you throw your nigga to a bunch of single girls in Minnesota looking for a good time while they’re off a little bit of liquor. I tried to keep myself busy with my friends. I’m going out, drinking, partying. And it worked for a while until I realized I’m in the same city looking at the same people in the same bar. It’s not working, I still stay worried but I’m learning over time to just chill and do me. If I continue to be over bearing I feel it’ll eventually push him away. So I stalk from a far and only ask questions when I feel necessary.

I’m trying not the pick at the little things and understand he’s gonna go out with his new friends and try not to text him his entire night. I have four more months until we move back in together in a new state and life will get back to being lit.


Man I miss you.

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