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Give The Poet Some: @FAVIOLA_Inc

Give The Poet Some: @FAVIOLA_Inc

How can you even attempt to kiss a woman
When you don’t even get the fire behind her eyes?
You won’t even begin to understand her taste.

Her eyes are like wildfire
Insatiable ferns
Revolving eruptions
Commanding, you yearn

Her lips will dissolve in the throws of your touch
Her skin is a blaze
Immerseful rush

Her tears are..
Her heart, beats..
Grace Jones
Her why’s are..
Ava Gardner
Her laughs are..
Love Jones
Her kisses are..
Hip-hop, enwrapped house jazz
Her squeezes are..
Gryffindor, laced in Ox glass

There are endless portals that lead to her soul
But to capture the taste..
You must start to unfold



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