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Quick Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 43 (By KevM3)

Quick Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 43 (By KevM3)

As a man, if you don’t have respect from a woman, you don’t have anything at all but a bunch of stress and headaches because a woman will definitely try to push the limits when you first meet her and see what she can get away with. If you don’t set any boundaries, she’s going to come in the door disrespecting you, not answering your calls, trying to run a whole bunch of other dudes alongside you, etc. You got to show a woman that you ain’t a punk about yours and that your time and attention matters. I used to think being the nice guy that never said anything and didn’t create any riffs was the move, but I learned quickly that if you give a woman an inch to disrespect you, she’s going to take a mile.

I think more men need to realize that it is a privilege for a woman to be around you, so we need to stop handcuffing these broads and stop trying to force them to be with us. We’re here to give a woman an opportunity to be with us, and if she doesn’t accept it and do what it takes to keep it, that opportunity will be available for the next woman.

Never be afraid to tell a woman what you will and will not accept in a relationship, and if she leaves, then that just saves you a lot of time in the future. I’ve had to learn this personally. Don’t go against your principles of decency and respect in order to keep a woman around and make sure you always verbalize what those principles are.


Much of what passes for ‘game’ works at entertaining a broad for a little while until she gets bored with your flavor and decides to take off for greener pastures. Yeah, there are tips and tactics and strategies, aka ‘game’, that you can learn to increase your success at procuring the attention of a woman and even keeping them around a little longer than usual, but the reality is, a normal relationship shouldn’t take all of this work… and a transient broad is still gonna be transient. All that work you put in is down the drain as soon as she leaves.

The real problem is a lack of morality. You can only entertain a ho for so long before she goes back to her hoish ways and is out looking for something new, and the problem is that the majority of women were raised up in the ‘sexual revolution’ generation, so they have a ho mentality. They simply are not satisfied with one man and most of them likely will never be.

A lot of guys in here are getting flaked on by women or having these women peel off and wondering what is the latest circus trick they can do to keep the broad around. They think that by rewarding these broads with flyer conversation, a flyer look or any of that, that it’s going to make them loyal. It won’t. It will only keep them entertained for a little longer. Also, it’s sending a message that these broads are to be rewarded for their garbage behavior. Instead, if you get garbage behavior from a woman, don’t question yourself and reward her by trying harder. Keep it pushing and cut her off and go back to doing something you are interested in.

I have to question what guys have spend all their time chasing these modern women. What are you procuring exactly… spending years learning this and that to be the 40th guy in line to have a turn? The bottom line for me is keep it simple, don’t do all of that tapdancing, and if the broad ain’t feeling whatever you’re bringing to the table, open the door for her and let her walk out. If a broad flakes, oh well, there’s another one coming down the line. Don’t give these women much thought or effort. Get at her and if she ain’t feeling it, let her get on. That simple. Spend the majority of your time doing things that interest you and not worrying about impressing broads or what they like, because it’s a huge time sink. You put all this effort into procuring some woman who can walk out at any time for any reason?

Another thing I’ve learned is never follow up behind a broad, nor let her make you deviate from your principles. You’ll feel real lame when she makes you do something out of pocket and then peels off on you. These women come going and they are concerned with doing them, so stand tall on who you are and what you’re about and NEVER be a puppy dog following up after some woman.

Dudes have been spending forever thinking about what they could do to make women desire them, but what are women doing to figure out how to impress a man? Dudes are out here cooking and cleaning, turning into a mini bodybuilder, getting super dressed up, improving their conversation, etc and yet these broads are eating burgers, growing out their armpit hair and sleeping around and refusing to do any activity that resembles behavior in a successful relationship. Dudes ain’t got no standards is the reason why and will pay attention to these women no matter how little they bring to the table.


Real talk, if you’ve just met a woman, NEVER depend on her for anything serious, like for her to show up for you, pick you up or any of that. If you go somewhere to see her, ALWAYS have a backup plan available if this broad doesn’t pick up the phone or show up. Just go somewhere else or invite someone else instead and cut that woman’s number off. These broads have no repercussions for their actions, which is why they do utterly disrespectful stuff like this. Your time is way too valuable to be wasting it with someone who has such a lack of courtesy.


Here’s one more observation… despite women saying they want leadership, a man that takes control and all of that other nonsense… what a woman really wants is a feeling. Either she wants a feeling or she wants a resource. Never let a woman put you in the category of being a resource provider. Either she gets ‘that feeling’ when around you, or you cut her off. If she eyes you as a resource provider, you’ll be used badly.



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