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aj.Hill – “All Black” (Video)

aj.Hill releases a visual for his joint “All Black”. Like what you see/hear? Check out more from him at www.BopLife.Com Read More »

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Young Lito – “Go Time” (Prod By Rubi Rosa)

In the midst of the controversy Young Lito drops a new banger reflecting on his tough past few weeks but expressing that he isn’t going anywhere. Here is “Go Time” , produced by Rubi Rosa Read More »

J-Alta – “Dilla” (Video)

Statesville, NC artist J-Alta returns with his track “Dilla,” an ode to the legend over the classic Common beat. Shot by @AvonWiseMedia. Twitter/IG: @JpDaKid Soundcloud: ********* SEND ALL MUSIC TO NERDNASH@GMAIL.COM Read More »

What’s Wrong With Marrying Young? (By @BigKickup)

Not to sound cliche, but times have changed. Let me say that one more time, times have changed! Do you remember the early mornings in first period (middle school) when all the ladies would talk about getting married right after high school?  Seems like just yesterday they were planning their future out to jump the broom in their early-mid twenties. ... Read More »

Tips on Emotional Intelligence (By @pgoodiezz)

“There are no idle thoughts, all thinking produces form at some level.” Our goals can be a variety of things. You may want to be a housewife, CEO, create a community garden, raise money for a cause, become a top producer in your industry, lead the charts with your music or the next founder to make headlines. The goal doesn’t ... Read More »

Lift The Fork Episode 8: Vegan’s Delight (BX) ft Tray Pizzy (VIDEO)

For this episode of Lift The Fork, Irv and Robin J head to the home of Hip Hop…The Bronx. Meeting up with the borough’s hottest rising emcee Tray Pizzy watch as they dive into Pizzy’s military background and the lack of healthy options in the boogie down. Read More »

5 Signs You’re Much Smarter Than Average

*Via Entrepreneur.Com* Intelligence, or IQ, isn’t what you know, but rather the pace at which you acquire new information. Longitudinal studies have shown that IQ is fixed at an early age, so you’re stuck with what you’ve got. While IQ is far from being the only thing that determines success in life — research shows that it isn’t even the most ... Read More »

Respect My Art: @Hesicollectiv

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We Take Beyoncé For Granted

*Via @Sincerely_iyana for Medium.Com* June 7, 2016, was kind to me. I was unexpectedly awarded a floor seat to Beyoncé’s Formation Tour at New York City’s Citi Field stadium. As I took my place just eight rows back from where Queen Bey would grace upwards of 40,000 people with her presence, I basked in the fact that — only five Beyoncé concerts ... Read More »

Rae Sremmurd – “Look Alive” (Video)

Rae Sremmurd release the second visual for “Look Alive”,  off their upcoming Sremm Life 2 album. Read More »

Yung Snapp x A Dot – “Lit” (Video)

Chester Pa’s duo Yung Snapp x A Dot drop off their video for their new hit single “Lit” produced by Cash Money producer The Beat Bully!!! They link up with video Director Mar Films and throw a lit party at the @mezzaninesuperclub in Philadelphia. Read More »

Apex Rich – “Dodie” (Video)

Jersey City’s Apex Rich releases a visual for his latest track “Dodie”, produced by Birdie Bands Read More »

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The Corey Holcomb 5150 Show 6-7-16 – The Abbreviated Show (Video)

Read More »

A Conversation with Nas and Michael Eric Dyson (Video)

Read More »

Give The Poet Some: @Still_FloW

That scent was from our flower, Those petals bloomed gracefully each hour, Like a seed that needed waters of affection to grow, Your words said it all, A petal with a fragrance unknown, I could thank you for it’s slight tone I could describe it’s scent as an open mountain, The freedom you yearn, The air so clear, The peaceful ... Read More »

Troy Ave – Chuck Norris (Hoes & Gangstas)

Despite everything going on Ave continues to put out msuic. Here’s something new, “Chuck Norris”. Free Troy Ave Read More »

TMZ302 – Take 5 & Call Me N Da Mornin (Mixtape)

Check out this project from TMZ302 titled Take 5 & Call Me N Da Mornin. Features include Wes & Good Business with Production from Big Cat Beats, Dreamlifebeats and more. Also, Check out the making up this project below … Read More »

Finals (EYE CANDY)


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Songs you need to add to your playlist this weekend

You can always use a few new songs to add to your playlist for the weekend. Music to turn up to before you step out, Music to chill in the house to vibe to instead of being in the streets, music for a road trip, etc…. I wouldn’t ever steer yall wrong so take these songs, add them and tell ... Read More »

Aviator Keyz ft. Kamera Sha – “Money Calling” (Video)

I must’ve been sleeping on Aviator Keyz becuase this sh1t is hard and I had no clue about it until today. Here’s the visual for “Money Calling” featuring Kamera Sha. Read More »

Big Lean ft. Nipsey Hussle – “California Water” (Video)

Big Lean jumps back into his Enough Is Enough project he released last year and gives us a visual for “California Water” featuring Nipsey Hussle Read More »

We Confuse History With Chemistry. Falling In Love With A Concept Of Time.

*Via @Demetra_Demi for Medium.Com* I don’t understand why we continually hurt ourselves by choosing people who only make us feel small. We go back to the ones who wrecked our hearts and caused us pain. We confuse history with chemistry falling in love with a concept of time. It’s a way of thinking that traps you in mediocrity. We replay ... Read More »

All You Need, You Already Have

*Via Zenhabits.Net* There is a famous stone water basin (or “tsukubai”) outside of the even more famous Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto, with four characters that read: “ware tada shiru taru.” This is a Zen saying that can be translated in a number of ways, all to do with contentment. But my favorite translation is: “All you need, you already have.” ... Read More »

What Do You Want To Do? (By @Dalkysenc)

I’m 29 living in New York with a toddler and I still can’t answer the dreaded “What do you want to do?” question. I thought I would be living my successful, carefree, life by now. So where do I go from here? Where do I even begin to look? I’m stuck in a dilemma of being too picky to settle ... Read More »

Under 1000 followers Twitter vs Everybody (By @TonyTuss & @Dalkysenc)

In the midst of all these social movements for change, we’ve been inspired to spark our own #Under1kTwitter movement. It just feels like the right time to speak on behalf of some of the most oppressed people of our generation. People with under 1K followers have been marginalized by the Twitter Cool Table for what feels like decades. This is ... Read More »

Franc Grams ft. Dave East x Ru Williams – “Summertime” (Prod By Lando Beats)

Right on time for this hot ass we…I mean beatiful weather, Franc Grams & Dave East get together for “Summertime” Read More »

Ock Cobain – “Designer Fashion” (Video)

Tru Alliance presents the visuals for Ock Cobain’s new single “Designer Fashion,” produced by Mackboy. The dope melodies originate from southern, bass-heavy, snappy snares, low end 808, and trap styles of music making “Designer Fashion” a diverse addition to this rising rapper’s catalog. Read More »

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The Very Best Of Kimbo Slice (Video)


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Troy Ave – Free Troy Ave (Mixtape)

FREE TROY AVE. Here’s a new mixtape from Troy Ave that also features a few messages from Troy Ave, who is incarcerated following the Irving Plaza incident. Shout out to Hovain. Read More »

SAP – “Debt Free”

SAP gives us “Debt Free”,  a track believed to be from his Self Employed sessions. Stop sleeping on SAP’s pen game. Read More »

Kapo Bravado Ft. D Hill – “School” (Video)

Kapo Bravado keeps it OTG with this new visual for “School” featuring D Hill. Read More »

Domodope – “We Had a Good Time” (Mixtape)

We Had a Good Time is the latest musical offering from Indiana Hip Hop artist Domodope. This project shows versatility with clever & relatable messages & concepts over a soulful bass and kick heavy but prominent production from Ohio native Antoine Rucker. Domodope takes you on musical journey and it’s a Good Time from beginning to end. Email: ... Read More »

Luke-O – “Stay With Me”

Luke-O has been real soulful lately. Here’s “Stay With Me”, another one that will touch your soul. Read More »

Curren$y ft. Juvenile – “I Can’t Go Back” (Prod By Harry Fraud)

Spitta & Juve link up for this new one produced by Harry Fraud. Read More »

Franchise – Ultra (A Beat Tape)

All you rappers out there, don’t say I never look out. Here’s Ultra (A Beat Tape), some instrumentals to help you get your craft together. Read More »

Cheek – “Boss Talk” (Video)

Cheek releases a new visual for “Boss Talk”. Like what you see/hear? Stay up to date with whats going on with Cheek….. IG: @CheekTheRebel Read More »

Johnny Quest – “Harlem Globetrotter” (Video)

Not going to lie….When I saw the half blonde dreads I instantly thought this would be some turn up shit….But it’s not. Johnny Quest drops a visual for this smooth, lyric driven track titled “Harlem Globetrotter”. IG: @jquesttherebel Twitter: @jquesttherebel Read More »

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Nardwuar vs. Camron (Video)

Finally, Cam gets his time with Nardwuar. Read More »

Washed Combine (By @TonyTuss)

Let me start by saluting @Nerdatcooltable & @RegularAssRon for first reporting on the washed culture when they gave us This site will let you know how washed you are on a scale of 1 to wearing a 2-tone durag under a fitted. The Washed Combine is a series of household chores and tasks that measure a man’s Bae potential. ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

She went over Errands house — Nerd Nash (@NerdAtCoolTable) June 2, 2016 gucci mane don’t dab — EngiNere (@Nere_iLLA) June 2, 2016 if u take 4 hours to reply i’m still gonna reply fast af cus i love u bitch y u do this to me — ㅤ (@untrapical) May 31, 2016 Some things u just gotta do on your ... Read More »

Kapo Bravado – “N.G.A.F” (Video)

Kapo Bravado returns with a visual for “N.G.A.F”, a track you can def add to your playlist for your car ride this weekend. Read More »

Renny x Zsa Heem – “Like Mike” (Prod By j Cash)

Something new from my guy Renny out of Camden, NJ featuring Zsa Heem titled “Like Mike” Read More »

Ty Kenney – “Count Up” (Prod By ChopMatrix)

Ty Kenney is up to something. Here’s “Count Up” produced by Chop Matrix. Read More »

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