Nerd At The Cool Table
“Thighs & Eyes”: @GoldSkinned

“Thighs & Eyes”: @GoldSkinned

Where are you living currently?

Houston and Los Angeles.  Houston is home but I make frequent business trips to LA so I have a spot there too.

 Are you single?

I’m not married.

 What spots do you frequently hang out at in your area?

The couch lol.  I’m really an introvert so I don’t go out or socialize much.  Then I work so much that whenever I do finally get some leisure time, I’m drained and all I want to do is chill out at the crib and not be bothered.  Oh.  Does the gym count?

 Give me your screen name for all social media accounts you have

Instagram & Twitter – @goldskinned

Snapchat – gailgolden

 Describe your perfect date.

Let’s go to a gun range.. or jetskiing or to an observatory or something outside the norm.  I like exciting dates and dope conversation, not the typical small talk over dinner.  I hate small talk and I hate dinner.  Just kidding, I don’t hate dinner but I have braces so I won’t enjoy a date at a fancy restaurant because 52% of my meal gets stuck in my teeth.

 If someone decided to DM you, what would be the perfect approach?

Make me laugh… or talk about something you saw on my page that most people probably wouldn’t notice or appreciate.  I like when people pay attention to detail.  Also, I rarely meet somebody attractive that I can talk to about work without it going over there head.  So if I see that you’re familiar with programming languages or information technology… you in there.

 Any horror stories about meeting someone from social media?

Not really a horror story butttt one time I gave my number to this handsome, tall, athletic dude I met on IG.  You know how it is when you first meet somebody dope and they seem too perfect… You thinking something gotta be wrong with em cuz theyre single.  What is it? You crazy? Sex trash?  Well it didn’t seem like he was any of those things so we texting  back and forth nonstop for a week or so and the conversation fire.  So eventually I’m like “lets facetime, I wanna see you and hear your voice”.  He takes a while to respond.  He texts me later that night saying he’ll facetime me after practice tomorrow, I’m like cool can’t wait.  The next day my phone ringing and its him facetiming me, ofcourse I answer.  YOOOO. This nigga had THE WORST stutter I’ve ever heard in life.  It took him at least 8 attempts to say “whats up”.  I thought he was playing.  I thought we had a poor connection.  His mouth was moving but words weren’t coming out.  No wonder this nigga is the greatest texter of all time.

 Tell us a secret talent and/or something most people don’t know about you.

Hmmm I can play the piano and I sing too.  Most people don’t know by looking at me that I’m a BIG. ASS. GEEK.  I’ll fix your computer.  I’ll repair your phone.  I’ll develop your software.  And I’m really into forensic science.

 Warm weather is here and there’s guys out here dealing with a chick/EX/girlfriend…Chasing her, trying to keep her etc….Give them some gems on dealing with a chick when it gets nice out.

Take her on a vacation or cruise to a place where you can enjoy the weather together.  Travel.  And if she ain’t trying to be kept, leave her.  She a hoe anyway.  You’re welcome.


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