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Daily Archives: May 6, 2016

Sy Ari Da Kid ft. Bryson Tiller – “Priorities” (Prod. By Illa Jones, Teauxny & Sy Ari)

Sy Ari Da Kid grabs Bryson Tiller for “Priorities” off Sy’s B4 The Heartbreak project Read More »

Reverse Catfish (By @SerenaAlfaro)

Meeting somebody you’ve been chatting with online for the first time can be stressful, even for extroverts. What if you have nothing to talk about? What if their voice is annoying? The biggest fear of all may actually be….what if they don’t look like their pictures? *GASP* We all know what it means to be “catfished” thanks to Nev and ... Read More »

Dust to Side Chicks.. (By @TinaGray24)

“Ashes to ashes, dust to side chicks”   – Beyonce  Aw man, where do I even start here?  Disclaimer: I DON’T LIKE SIDE CHICKS..PERIOD! Now that that is out of the way…..SIDE CHICKS DON’T OWE THE OTHER WOMAN SHIT!  So, I have this thing where I don’t like being judgmental. I TRY my best at being understanding. I like to understand why someone may ... Read More »

#QLF – “Lift The Fork” Season 2 Episode 4: Big Momma’s House edition (Video)

Welcome to Big Momma’s House! For this episode of Lift The Fork, Irv & Robin J. went to hang out with the talented chef Dalal Monroe of Little Love Catering. Dalal showed the two how to cook healthy at home while keeping it delicious and affordable. Also in tow was rapper Wordmiff, dishing on how he kept his body right ... Read More »

“Thighs & Eyes”: @GoldSkinned

Where are you living currently? Houston and Los Angeles.  Houston is home but I make frequent business trips to LA so I have a spot there too.  Are you single? I’m not married.  What spots do you frequently hang out at in your area? The couch lol.  I’m really an introvert so I don’t go out or socialize much.  Then ... Read More »

Stalk Her Instagram: _heymissparkerrr


Turt Luchiano – ASHY (Aint Shit Yet) EP

Philly artist Turt Luchiano drops his debut EP titled ASHY (Aint Shit Yet) Read More »

Benji Wilson ft. Bash – “Go and Hustle”

Sonz Of New York Artist Benji Wilson Links Up With HighLife Ent Artist Bash For His Hot New Single “Go And Hustle” With Them Both Growing Up With Each Other In Marcy Projects Its Only Fitting They Make A track For The Hustlers Who’s One Motive Is To Get It By Any Means. You Can Stream “Go And Hustle” On ... Read More »

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