Nerd At The Cool Table
“Thighs & Eyes”: @rexalbasaurus

“Thighs & Eyes”: @rexalbasaurus

Where are you living currently?

Boston, Mass

Are you single ?


What spots do you frequently hang out at in your area? North End in Boston. Better known as little

Italy. Good food, good sangria, and beautiful scenery.

Give me your screen name for all social media accounts you have

IG : Stellarais
Twitter: rexalbasaurus
Snapchat: Albasaurusrex

Describe your perfect date

Good food, and good conversation somewhere outside. Side walk eating somewhere in the north end would be amazing.

If someone decided to DM you, what would be the perfect approach?

Low key. A little shy. I appreciate a shy man. With no hidden agendas, just pure interest in finding out who and what I’m about.

Any horror stories about meeting someone from social media?

Not someone I met myself, but someone who was catfished by someone else using my pictures. I guess he couldn’t accept the fact that he was catfished (he had invested months into talking to this female) so he tried to pick up the relationship with me lol. He was under the impression that the “catfish” part was a joke and that I could just pick up where he had left off with whoever it was he was speaking to. It was kind of creepy. He asked me “so, I was supposed to meet up with her March 17th, can we meet instead?”. He was so hurt that he started thinking I was a fake and using his girls pictures. That’s life. Please don’t fall for catfish in 2016!

Tell us a secret talent and/or something most people don’t know about you.

I am a really good singer, but I keep it well hidden.

Warm weather is here and there’s guys out here dealing with a chick/EX/girlfriend…Chasing her, trying to keep her etc….Give them some gems on dealing with a chick when it gets nice out.

Smh! Enjoy this weather mannn. We are cooped up for months at a time dealing with winter bullshit. Summer’s were meant to be enjoyed. Meet new people. Mingle. Enjoy your youth. The chick for you won’t have to be chased!

Are you a smoker? If So, what’s your roll up of choice? …If not, what’s your vice…everyone has at least one.

I do not smoke, but if I had to pick a vice…. It would definitely be wine and honey roasted cashews. Together. Every night. It’s a must. Lol


Top 5 drinks for Spring/Summer?

Sangria from pushcart! Thank me later
Those cute slush drinks! I’m a sucker for cute packaging
Anything passion fruit
Piña coladas

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