Nerd At The Cool Table
“Thighs & Eyes”: @Rebecuuh

“Thighs & Eyes”: @Rebecuuh


Are you single ?


What spots do you frequently hang out at in your area? 

R House  ; Toro Toro ; Tootsies ; Miami Beach.

Give me your screen name for all social media accounts you have

Twitter : Rebecuuh

Snapchat: beyzuss_x0

Describe your perfect date

Mellow rooftop lounge where I’m able to get to know the person better while juggling drinks.

If someone decided to DM you, what would be the perfect approach?

Touch on a topic that I’m interested in, that will get your foot in the door. Also, it’s ok to be funny, I enough a good laugh from time to time and it will only work in your benefit.

Any horror stories about meeting someone from social media?

Stage 5 clinger. I had a friendly outing with someone and despite my better judgement I decided to stick it through to the end… BIG MISTAKE, he thought there was a connection (there wasn’t) and now I have him blocked on all social media sites.

Tell us a secret talent and/or something most people don’t know about you.

I’m an eloquent writer.

Warm weather is here and there’s guys out here dealing with a chick/EX/girlfriend…Chasing her, trying to keep her etc….Give them some gems on dealing with a chick when it gets nice out.

Guys, just give her whatever she wants… The rewards will be much greater than anything you expected.

Are you a smoker? If So, what’s your roll up of choice? …If not, what’s your vice…everyone has at least one

Yes, I normally just roll dutches (berry fusion, Palma or grape) , they’re practical for me.

.Top 5 drinks for Spring/Summer?

Henny + lemonade ; Henny+ passion fruit ; jack & ginger ale ; white wine (preferably Sauvignon blanc) ; Heineke

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