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“Thighs & Eyes”: @Rachellaney

“Thighs & Eyes”: @Rachellaney

Where are you living currently?

Indianapolis, IN

Are you single ?


What spots do you frequently hang out at in your area?

The gym, home, and downtown on the weekends.

Give me your screen name for all social media accounts you have

Snapchat- Rachellaney813

Instagram- Rachellaney

Twitter- Rachellaney

What’s your New Years resolution?

Cut ties with any and everything negative in my life… It’s going extremely well so far.

Describe your perfect date.

I don’t really have a perfect date, I only have an idea of what i wouldn’t want my date to consist of.

If someone decided to DM you, what would be the perfect approach?

That’s hard to say, because it would depend on who it was and how sincere the approach was.. It’s almost mind baffling how bold people are to dive into DMs with the most generic empty approaches and still have the audacity to be offended that you saw right through it.

Any horror stories about meeting someone from social media?

I’ve never actually met someone outside of where i live from social media.

Tell us a secret talent and/or something most people don’t know about you.

Um, most people dont know that i almost always have a book that i’m reading & I’m obsessed with DC/Marvel & pixar animated movies.

Give me your top 5 rappers, top 5 snacks and top 5 movies

I like most rappers, they all have something i like to listen to at some point.


     pistachios, crispy M&Ms, chips & salsa, grapes, raspberries

Favorite movies….

     Avatar, Deadpool, Southpaw, Dear John, & any Disney classic.

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