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“Thighs & Eyes”: @matosnyc

“Thighs & Eyes”: @matosnyc

Where are you living currently?

Hamilton Heights area of NYC

Are you single ?

Yes and enjoying it 🙂

What spots do you frequently hang out at in your area?

The Draft House, Locksmith, Bounce. There are so many great spots in NYC, I try to venture out to different neighborhoods especially in the summer! I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone.

Give me your screen name for all social media accounts you have

Ig: matosjenni
Snapchat: matosjenni
Twitter: matosnyc

Describe your perfect date.

I don’t think the date really matters if there’s chemistry. It’s the company that can make or break a date. But I do enjoy creative dates, something I wouldn’t expect like a day at the museum or going to the beach/park.

If someone decided to DM you, what would be the perfect approach?

Just be polite and please, nothing sexual.

Any horror stories about meeting someone from social media?

I don’t have any horror stories thankfully. I’m really good at reading people so I’m careful about who I meet from social media.

Tell us a secret talent and/or something most people don’t know about you.

I can move one eyeball.

Warm weather is here and there’s guys out here dealing with a chick/EX/girlfriend…Chasing her, trying to keep her etc….Give them some gems on dealing with a chick when it gets nice out.

If it’s someone worth getting back I’d say actions speak louder than words. Show them.


Are you a smoker? If So, what’s your roll up of choice? …If not, what’s your vice…everyone has at least one.

I don’t smoke but I’d say my vice is Coke(the drink). And fried porkchops.

Top 5 drinks for Spring/Summer?

Rose, Mojitos, Macallan, Mezcal/Sprite, French Martini’s

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