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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 41 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 41 (By KevM3)

You realize as you get older that all of the investment you put into women can disappear in the blink of an eye. You put in all of that effort, you got her attention, then for whatever reason she gets bored and disappears. All of that work for nothing.

Put your time into things that actually will give you a return on investment. I’ve been focusing on my programming skills and will make a lot more money than I’ve made previously. Increase your relationship with God,Get your career skills up, enjoy your hobbies, enjoy friends, etc. Too much to enjoy to life to have your happiness tethered to a western woman who will be the supposed love of your life for a couple of weeks or months and then mysteriously disappear for no apparent reason. When you have your things together, it’s a lot easier to get the attention of women. Don’t chase them. Put yourself in a position where they chase you.


Keep things stress free and keep your focus on women maybe as a 3rd if not lower priority. They are there to aid you in your mission and to make your life better. If they can’t do that, they are wasting your time. Plus, you’ll have a lot better interactions with women stepping in as a leader and not as a puppy following her around.


The internet has made even mediocre looking women online divas whose inboxes are flooded with messages. When you’re getting that kind of attention, it’s no surprise that they can be super selective. If I was a mediocre looking dude, but had 20 messages a day from different women, I’d feel like I was the bomb and I’d be heavily screening them too. Also, when it’s said and done, most people don’t have the foresight to realize that their primes don’t last forever.


Why do women act the way they do? Some dude on quora did an experiment where he pretended to be a girl on facebook, created a profile with some blonde and he went and added 20 random dudes and within a day, he had a flood of friend requests and guys messaging him. There were a lot of dudes offering to buy stuff.

The reality is that a young, pretty girl has countless amounts of suitors, especially online. She has guys flooding her inbox, offering to buy her stuff, etc. If she goes cold, it’s probably because one of the other guys caught her fancy more than you did for a moment in time. As soon as she gets bored of him, she’ll probably pop back up to you. That’s why you don’t see these women for a week. They have so many options and they want to explore them to look for the ‘best deal’, and when her current best deal falls off, she’ll pop back up to where you are if you weren’t her first best deal. She’ll be around for a week or two and disappear again when she finds another ‘best deal’. A woman who is young and pretty doesn’t have to put in any work. She has a flood of guys offering their services. That’s why you seem disposable to them. When they mysteriously reappear? Their options are running low for the moment.

When a woman is feeling you, she’ll make time for you. If she’s playing the disappearing game and hits you up sporadically, 9 times out of 10, she’s dealing with another guy. Why do women take your number, but don’t pick up when you call them? She’s with a current option she likes, but she wants to cultivate more options in case that guy falls off.

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