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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Men Pt. 3 (By @AujaBomaye)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Men Pt. 3 (By @AujaBomaye)

I was asked to finesse and speak my lil piece on the unstable creatures otherwise known as the male species… Lord have mercy, it took me an entire week to get my mind right so that this post would be more than me having written “Idk bruh, y’all are confusing” 1000 times. I get y’all but I don’t. You all are simple yet so complex it makes my gotdamn head hurt sometimes. Throughout this long strange trip called life, men have been an integral part of my development, so maybe I’ve learned a thing or two; but then again maybe I’m completely wrong about the lot of you. Idk bruh, y’all are confusing. I’m hoping maybe this here post starts some open dialogue or gives me a few answers to the questions and concerns us women have in regards to the rougher sex so here we go…

Patience is not an option, but a necessity.

This is probably the very first gem I ever picked up and shined off when I started dealing with the fellas. Your patience will be tried. 99% of the time. Men think, and in turn, tend to operate as if they have all the time in the world; and in all truthfulness they do. The world is theirs, and we are just here living in it and waiting for them to get their shit together. Two hours to text you back with two word makes complete sense to a man. Two years to make it official with you might still be a little too soon. Two lifetimes waiting for them to understand all the wrong they do and apologize for it is to be expected and expecting that one minute before is you being way too pushy. Why are you rushing?! There’s no time limit on the functionality of their bodies like there is on ours; they can hoe it out until they’re 79 and still find some kind of way to shoot off that one decrepit little sperm to make a baby. Our bodies start shutting down at 37, therefore we tend to behave as if there is never ENOUGH time. This, I’ve come to realize, is what causes a huge discrepancy in our timelines and the way we interact. Of course a man sees nothing wrong with making you wait 13 years before he decides you’re the only one he wants to be with, and of course he is batshit fuckin insane for thinking so but I mean hey, that’s the way their minds seem to work. So ladies, if you wish to keep your sanity and edges intact I suggest you take up meditation right now and quit watchin the clock cuz you’ll be waiting forever. Patience is a virtue.

Sometimes, they really just don’t get it

Cut him some slack. All that nothing he has going on is keeping him from seeing the bigger picture; clouding his vision so to speak. He just doesn’t understand how him cheating on you for the 5th time(after he promised the 4th time would be the last time-_-) would make you so upset. You’re supposed to keep letting him fuck up until the weight of all that hurt pushes you over the edge and makes you want to commit a homi/suicide. He doesn’t get how his gross negligence could ever make you want to move on and go be with someone who doesn’t treat you like fresh shit on the bottom of his shoe. You’re supposed to hold him down while he keeps fuckin you over *vomits everydamnwhere from being so sick and fed up*
To men, our emotions and reactions are like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics; you get too deep in your feelings over some shit that doesn’t really mean that much to him and his computer just stops ‘putin. It’s not just the hurt and anger either. They don’t get when you’re flirting with them, they don’t get when you like them or love them, they don’t get when you’re tired of them, they don’t get when you’ve had enough. You have to over react just to get the proper response from them. They really just don’t get it. It seems they have a hard time getting anything really, besides on our damn nerves. We must pray for their deliverance.

He will be sorry…. Eventually.

But by then it will probably be too late. Remember that timing thing that I mentioned not too many paragraphs ago? Yeah, this is the flip side. After more than enough of your time has been wasted, and you have cried and died a million times and begin to attempt to pick up the shattered pieces of your life, he will show up with a broom and dustpan and a sorry ass look on his face that is meant to convey his sincerest apologies. Sweet words and sweeter kisses and promises of a better tomorrow will almost hook you in until you remember that this is exactly how it went the last 5 times then you’ll wanna knock his head smooth off his shoulders. But this time he really is sorry. He really does mean it. Just like you mean it this time and are completely over the shits and his sorrys mean less than self control and self editing tweets means to Kanye. It’s hard to forget and forgive when you’ve been forced to do it a few times before.

That’s all from me fam, I got a few more gems I’m sitting on that I’ll share in the future. For now, take these few lil diamonds and prosper.

Peace and blessings.

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