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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Men Pt. 2 (By @Turoxshakur)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Men Pt. 2 (By @Turoxshakur)

Stop pillow talking

Ladies, men don’t give one damn about what your best friend’s man is doing wrong to her. Of course he’s listening, but the information that you’re giving him is unnecessary, and it’s making him dangerous. Men really do talk and gossip just as much as women do. Stop telling homeboy you met three weeks ago your business. He has no loyalty to you, your friendship with your girls, or your privacy.  Save it for the group chat.


He misses you too, don’t let him win.

Childish? Maybe, but its 2016, and we can’t be out here always being the first one to reach out after a blowout. Every time you sweep it under the rug and send that “hey”, he wins. And he knows it. We ain’t letting them win anymore. If he fucks up, rub his nose in it. Make him sweat. And if he never calls to apologize, girl you don’t want him no way. Now, if you are the one in the wrong by all means, say sorry. You are an adult, act like one. He’s an adult too though, he can’t be let off the hook so easy, he’ll never learn.



Just because you aren’t exclusive doesn’t give you a pass to flaunt the other men you’re dating. The same way you don’t want to hear about anything else he got going on, he doesn’t either. You would go nuts if he posted another girl on his social media, why are you posting other men on yours. You don’t want him taking phone calls from other women around you, don’t do it to him. I’m not telling you to be sneaky, remember you aren’t together; you’re absolutely entitled to your privacy. It’s about respect. He has feelings the same way you do, you won’t make to the next phase if you aren’t respecting them.

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