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“Thighs & Eyes” : @SarahRomani

“Thighs & Eyes” : @SarahRomani


Where are you from? 

Upstate NY but I live in Manhattan now.

Are you single?


What’s your “type”?

I used to have a set type – tall, dark, handsome, athletic, etc.  Then I met someone who was almost the exact opposite and fell for him completely due to his personality.  The more I grew to like him, the more attractive he became to me.  So I have a type that catches my eye but I think I could fall for anyone based on their personality.  I rarely laugh out loud, so any guy who actually has me laughing gets major points.

What would be your perfect date? 

First and foremost, the guy needs to plan it all without asking me for any suggestions.  If he needs ideas of things I like, my Twitter is full of them.  Just tell me when he’ll be picking me up and how dressy or casual to be.  From there I would be happy with anything he put thought into planning, it’s the effort that counts, but bonus points for chicken wings.

Has a celebrity ever contacted you via dirty…I mean direct message? If so, can you give us a hint who it is? 

I’ll never tell…but anyone who has followed me long enough should know who I used to date.

Do you have a horror story about meeting someone from social media? 

Unfortunately I do.  A friend of a friend saw my IG and asked to meet me.  My girl said he was cool and a good guy so I agreed.  I should have known before we even met it would be bad, he said “otay” instead of “okay” and if a grown man saying “otay” isn’t a red flag, I don’t know what is.  Long story short everything went  badly and it ended with me waiting at Grand Central for two hours in the middle of the night for my train because I wouldn’t go home with him.

Where do you hang out frequently in your area? 

I’m a homebody, especially in the winter, but when I do go out Pergola, this hookah spot on 28th, is always involved.  It’s like Cheers.

What’s your secret talent? (if you have one)

Deep couch sitting, I can sit around and do nothing better than anyone I know.  Also, I sew and knit…basically I’m a grandma.

Do you think all men on social media are trash?

I don’t necessarily believe there is a correlation between social media use and a person being trash.  Lots of guys have no social media at all and are horrible.  

Do women come on to you on social media? 

I get little love eyes and such every now and then but nothing too serious. 

Give us your screen name to all your social media accounts.

IG & Twitter – SarahRomani

SnapChat – SarahRomanii


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