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“Thighs & Eyes” : Chrystal Saint Clair

“Thighs & Eyes” : Chrystal Saint Clair

Where are you from? 

I’m from London, U.K. but now I live in Houston.

What’s your “type”?

My type is someone who’s really funny but knows when to be serious. Someone thoughtful, cultured, well educated, well traveled and well mannered. I don’t have a physical type, but you need to know how to dress. Carrying yourself well is sexy to every woman.

What would be your perfect date? 

My perfect date would be something really private and sexy. Dinner on a private beach or a lit up rooftop or something. Lots of candles.

Has a celebrity ever contacted you via dirty…I mean direct message? If so, can you give us a hint who it is? 

Yes celebrities have contacted me via DM… about styling of course or work related inquiries.

Where do you hang out frequently in your area? 

I hang out at art museums, restaurants, hookah bars. Places like that. I like simple stuff.

Whats your secret talent? (if you have one)

My talent is that I’m really good at imitating and impersonating people. It’s pretty funny.

Give us your screen name to all your social media accounts.

“Chrysstclair” on Twitter and snap. “lovechrys” on IG.


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