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Daily Archives: December 18, 2015

Future – “Moments” (Video)

Got a strange feeling we getting something new from Hendrix very very very soon. Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

If his shoes got spikes you know he gone knock you down to be close on stage with the rappers — Jazma (@__brookbrook) December 16, 2015 The only advice worth a fuck is tailored advice from a source with a good track record. Shit, take this with a grain of salt if you like. — Illimitable Man (@IllimitableMan) December 16, ... Read More »

A$AP Ferg ft Future – “New Level”

A$AP Ferg & Super Future link up for “New Level”, Produced by C.N.O.T.E Read More »

Kapo Bravado – “Coco Puffs” (Video)

Kapo Bravado is back with another one titled “Coco Puffs”  Read More »

An In-Depth Look At The Picture That Killed The Dab in Charlotte

*Via @Deftlyinane for Medium.Com*  How do you do, fellow kids? Have you heard of the dab? Well, a few weeks ago, Carolina Panthers quarterback and gleeful Kryptonian Cam Newton did the dab after scoring a touchdown against the Tennessee Titans, but apparently he lingered in the end zone just a bit too long. Some people took offense to that, mainly ... Read More »

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