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Daily Archives: December 10, 2015

Some Real Girl Power Sh!t (By @Tinyysmalls)

I have learned that it is ok to be the type of woman men enjoy looking at. What’s more important is that I do not mistake a pair of eyes for hands. I am a woman who understands now that it is not fun to be beautiful – it is important. Because men need to see what a woman looks like since many of them ... Read More »

Stalk Her Instagram: tiffanyxchan


The Suffering Of The Lost Boys

*Via illimitableMen.Com* “When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry.” – William Shakespeare Contents: 1.) Introduction 2.) Father Hunger 3.) Pain of The Lost Boy 4.) The Lost Boy, A Feminist Bastard 5.) How The Lost Boy Copes 6.) How A Lost Boy Quits 7.) Advice For A Lost Boy 8.) ... Read More »

Be More Than Somebody They Use To Know (By @Lddennis3223)

It’s astonishing to me in modern times we have more ways to talk and be in contact with each other than ever in the history of mankind but we communicate less than ever. I’ve never been able to stand in a room with someone I once said I loved and just act like they don’t exist. I’ve witnessed this first ... Read More »

Craigy F ft AG – “Wave” (Video)

Craigy F drops a visual for one of the standout songs off his Heartbreak Kid album. Read More »

Young Sizzle (Southside Of 808 Mafia) – Free Agent 2 (Mixtape)

This man is responsible for some of the best sh1t you heard this summer (Future, Drake, etc) so it’s only right you take the time to check out his latest mixtape. Read More »

Paul Pesci – “KISSTHAGAMEGOODBYETRACK5” (Prod By Talented)

In early 2016, Pesci will release his new album, I Swear I Quit Yesterday. This is an excellent start. Check out Pesci’s newly re-launched website, the cover to his upcoming album, and listen to this new song below. Read More »

Spiritxiii – “Trap Phone”

Check out this new record from Spiritxiii titled “Trap Phone” Read More »

KEEPITREALCOLE – Viva La Keepitreal (Instrumental Tape)

Detroit native KEEPITREALCOLE marks his introduction into the production world with a 14-track instrumental mixtape, VIVA LA KEEPITREAL. All work produced, arranged, & rights reserved by KEEPITREALCOLE. Read More »

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