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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 39 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 39 (By KevM3)

Just about every man wants that super strong love and to be validated in that belief that your woman will hold you down forever. Reality? She can get bored and leave at any time.

Therefore, you have to mentally have the expectation that she will leave at any time or do something in which you will have to go your separate ways. Then, you have to find several activities that you truly enjoy and have a strong network of friends. For me, it’s Jesus, programming, playing games, working out, etc. You simply have to find things that not only keep you occupied, but that you really enjoy doing… activities that you just get lost in doing. Find a set of real cool friends if you don’t have them already and go out and do things with them. Build strong bonds with your family. All of this sounds obvious, but it’s not put into practice as much as you think because as soon as most dudes get a woman, they can’t be found and they start building their world around her.

Realistically, guys don’t just have some magic switch where they can shut off their emotions, but it’s more along the lines of your emotions adjusting naturally after you’ve experienced a lot of what goes on in ‘modern dating’ and you coming to the conclusion that you aren’t going to let anyone steal your joy or play with your feelings anymore.


We’re living in very unstable times, whether it comes to job or with women. If you’re expecting to work at the same company for 20 years and have them take care of you, then you have a thing coming to you. A company will dump you whenever it is convenient for them and will save them money no matter how loyal you’ve been to them. It’s the same with a lot of women you end up dealing with. Not all women will up and jet, but then again, a lot will and it’s hard to tell on the surface who will leave and who will stay, so it’s best to come in with the mindset of expecting them to jet whenever, and looking at them sticking around as a bonus.

We keep telling guys not to build their world around women, because as soon as they do, she can easily end up bored, they leave for ‘no apparent reason’ and the guy’s world comes tumbling down. If you base your happiness around women, you’ll end up living a very unstable and disappointing life. Women in this day and age are fairly unpredictable, so unless you want your happiness to fluctuate constantly, do not ever build your life around women. Accept a high quality one if she is there, but expect even her to possibly take off at any moment. There are way too many blessings to enjoy in life than make happiness dependent on what another person does.


IF you have to ask a woman ‘what are we’ or you have to mentally ask yourself ‘where do I stand with her’, she’s certainly not what you want. A woman that is ‘wifey’ probably will have you asking questions more like, “Man how can I make her get off of me?” If a woman is rather cool towards you and ambiguous, she probably has a lot of guys in the background. Women are emotional creatures buy nature and a lack of emotion displayed towards you means that she is likely expressing it somewhere else. Is it always the case? No… but more times than not it is.

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