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Daily Archives: October 16, 2015

Fourtee – “My Doggs”

This is a new joint from Fourtee out of Newark, NJ titled “My Dogs.” This caught me from the jump with him using the DMX flow but then threw me off because he kind of uses the Drake flow. Maybe i’m wrong tho. Listen and you be the judge. Stay connected with Fourtee via Twitter (@K1NGFOURTEE) for all updates on music, ... Read More »

So you’re boring as f!ck: How To Become Interesting in 3 easy steps

*Via The Red Pill* While men and women are very different, one thing we have in common is that the majority of us are terrible. 90% of women are basic bitches whose lives revolve around Netflix, wine, shopping, and naps. But we often forget that 90% of men are fuckboys who have no vision beyond videogames, televised sports, smoking weed, ... Read More »

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