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Daily Archives: October 5, 2015

The Three Aspects Of Success

*Via* There are times when we are at our lowest, we ask ourselves: how do I succeed? Where do I go from here? Why does it seem like I’m just floundering around? What have I been doing wrong? I believe this is because there are three main faculties which contribute to our success – Ability, Willpower, and Vision. Each lends itself ... Read More »

5 Signs Your Life Is Meant For Something More

*Via* 1. You put tasks off until you’re inspired. Some may despise you for your procrastination, and there are times when procrastinating is a not so good thing to do, but could it be that you thrive off of inspiration instead of obligation? Evaluate this the next time you’re feeling like putting something off. Most times, inspiration knows a ... Read More »

Signs Of An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

*Via Lmt-Lss.Com* Relationships are really tricky to navigate. When you’re in them, it can be pretty easy to overlook the little signs telling you something’s not right. Here are some signs that might help to figure out if that little fight was just that or something bigger. 1. If your partner humiliates or embarrasses you. Nobody in the world gets ... Read More »

Kid Cudi – “Wedding Tux”

I don’t even care what Cudi puts out, i’m always going to ride for him. This is something new off his upcoming double album Speeding Bullet To Hell. Read More »

Ro$hi – “40oz” (Video)

Regimes very own Ro$hi official music video for his popular track “40oz” track 4 off of Ro$hi’s Bassheaded EP tape available on soundcloud now Read More »

GrandSupremeK – “Splash” (Video)

Here’s a visual from JRev$’s younger brother GrandSupremeK , part of the collective FiWAR ( fuck it we all rap)  directed by @UnkleLuc Read More »

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