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The Truth About Loving Unhappy People (@TinyySmalls)

I recently read through hundreds of posts on one of my favorite blogs. I found countless pieces on how to help, how to love, how to be happy. I couldn’t find one piece written for people who’ve spent years trying to be happy for someone else. At an early age my parents taught me that misery loves company. As an ... Read More »

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This is what happens when you date an ambitious woman.

*Via Lmt-lss.Com* Girls belonging to this generation are constantly achieving, looking for the next thing to add to their personal and professional growth. This happens when you date her. She’s going to be in control all the time because her entire world runs on it. When you step in, you throw that balance off. Stay and let her adjust and ... Read More »

The World is f*cked, why bother? (Video)

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Learn from me: 40 years old, 3 kids, divorced.

*Via Red Pill*  My story is not a new one… but there may be a nugget of info here that helps another guy out there avoid my situation. Where to begin.. I was the “Alpha” in my pack. I didn’t know it at the time, but it’s true. I led, others followed. My friends took up my hobbies. I played ... Read More »

The Art of Making Good Decisions

*Via @JeffGoins for Medium.Com* Lately, I’ve been hearing from friends who are struggling to make the right decision. “I want to write a book but I don’t know where to start.” “I’d love to quit my job, but what would I do?” “I’ve always wanted to travel but can’t find the time.” And in a way, they’re all saying the ... Read More »

Future & Drake – What A Time To Be Alive (Chopped Not Slopped)

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JRev$ – “Cosmos” (Video)

JRev$ releases a visual for this cool joint titled “Cosmos” Directed by UnkleLuc @JRevinatii – Twitter @UnkleLuc -Twitter Download Here: Prod by: Read More »

Styles P ft. Nino Man, Snyp Life & Dave East – “Welcome To NY” (Video)

The Ghost recruits Nino Man, Snyp Life & Dave East for this joint “Welcome To NY” off his A Wise Guy And A wise Guy project. Read More »

Rick Ross – “Buried In the Streets” (Prod By Jake One)

Rick Ross on a roll. More soulful music. I guess he’s trying to stay away from all the turn up waves out here. New sh!t titles “Buried In the Streets” Produced by Jake One Read More »

Roger Beats – Beats N Drugs (Instrumental Tape)

After releasing a Gucci & Gleesh assisted single, Roger Beat drops his “Beays N’ Drugs” instrumental tape. As one of the hottest producers in D.C. struts his talents all over the web, he shows no signs of slowing down. Roger also shares a visual of his beat making process with the world. This is one for all he people pushing ... Read More »

Frank Pacino – “Kobyoshi Teriyaki” (Video)

More visuals from the boy Frank Pacino. This one is for “Kobyoshi Teriyaki”  Listen to more from Frank Pacino at Soundcloud.Com/Frank_pacino Read More »

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How To Keep Your Sanity In A Long Distance Relationship (By @DarthVenn)

I refuse to believe in the idea that long distance can’t work. I also refuse to believe that out of the billion people in this world, or soulmate has to live in a 5 mile radius. Just here to give some healthy long distance relationship tips, because your relationship is just as important as any other relationship. Especially since it’s based ... Read More »

Young Thug – “Power” (Video)

New video from Thugger Off that highly slepted on Slime Season mixtape Read More »

Scotty ATL – The Cooligan (Mixtape)

New mixtape from Scotty ATL, The Cooligan, with features from B.O.B, Cyhi The Prince and more. Read More »

Ro$hi – BassHeaded EP

Check this EP out from Ro$shi titled Bassheaded. Roll one up if you need to. Read More »

Calli Flo – “F*k Up Da Summa” (Video) (Directed By Jamisa)

Brand new video from Calli Flo for his song “Fuk Up Da Summa”  Download “Dat Vibe”… Soundcloud Twitter: @CalliFlo_ @Jamisaaa @peacelivinfilms contact Read More »

Fresh Out … Life After The Penitentiary: The Mark Ferrara Story (Video)

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Scholarships (EYE CANDY)

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Courteous L Ft. Jacardi Jacobs – “Grey Coupe”

Probably the nicest dude you’re not yet hip to. That will change very soon if I have anything to do with it. Here’s something new from Courteous L Featuring Jacardi Jacobs titled “Grey Coupe” Read More »

Migos – “Real Street N!gga” (Video)

Brand new visual from Migos for their joint “Real Street N!gga” Read More »

Jus Smith – “PreGame”

New music from that boy Jus Smith titled “PreGame”. Expect a new project from Jus real soon. Read More »

Cruch Calhoun – The Other Side (Mixtape)

Cruch Calhoun, a rising Hip-Hop artist representing Roselle, New Jersey drops to us his latest mixtape titled, T.O.S (The Other Side). Cruch was influenced by Hip Hop music and inspired by The Notorious B.I.G as a child to write music that by the age of 12, he took his passion for rhyming and writing poetry to another level. As an established artist ... Read More »

5 Social Situations Introverts Can’t Handle

*Via HigherPerspectives.Com* Introverts are different from most people. They tend to look inward, focus on their thoughts and feelings, and process internally. They sometimes ignore the outside world, but it’s not for lack of interest. Introverts can be outgoing, yet still are reclusive at times. Mostly, certain situations are just kind of awkward. Situations like… 1. Job interviews. For introverts, ... Read More »

Buck Roger$ x Spa77ow – “Me Either”

Buck Roger$ and Spa77ow release their new single titled “Me Either”. Two Brooklyn MC’s taking jabs at the hecklers who didn’t want to associate with their music until they made their own lane. Read More »

The People vs. Harv Pierre NFL Picks (Week 3)

The N@CT 2015 NFL Week 2 Picks were a disaster…What. In. Thee. F!k. Happened… Looks like The People did their homework and stormed back… I. Got. Widdddasssshhhhedddd…. All good though… The game is the game and it happens… Its 16 weeks in the sh!t and the king will be back on top soon..  Salute to the winners though…. No sh!t ... Read More »

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V.Chase & Kid Art – “Focused” (Video)

My Guy Ricky J Reyes put me on to V Chase & Kid Art a while ago. They have a few joints I can ride to. Here’s a new video for their song “Focused”.  This is off their Trapper Keeper mixtape that dropped this past summer. Read More »

Prez Perez – “At The Top” (Video)

Hailing from the Bronx, Prez Perez recently released the audio for his latest single “At The Top.” Today, bringing the single full circle, Prez provides the accompanying visuals for the track. You’ll be able to find this one on Prez’s forthcoming project Presidential Suite. Check out the Dainphamusamadeuz-directed visual. Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

looking forward to the career long jabs aubrey takes at rahmeek. — lord of the wolves. (@beerbellyboodha) September 25, 2015 Niggas be talking they want a girl that plays 2K shit till you come home & she done fucked up ya online record. — Wayno (@Wayno119) September 25, 2015 Just cuz u my girlfriend doesn’t mean we’re in a relationship ... Read More »

Men Reveal The Moment They Knew Their Marriages Were Over

*Via Huffingtonpost* When you look back on your marriage after a divorce, you can usually pinpoint a few moments that should have signaled it wasn’t going to last. Maybe it was when your spouse forgot your anniversary for the second time, or when you finally got that big job promotion and they didn’t seem to care. The writing was on ... Read More »

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The Game ft. Diddy – “Standing on Ferraris”

You know what…this album might not be bad at all. Here’s a new one off Game’s Documentary 2 album titled Standing On Ferraris featuring Diddy. Read More »

Future x Drake – WATTBA Vlog pt.1

This better be part of a whole documentary. Read More »

iAmCompton – New Comp City (Mixtape)

Here’s The highly anticipated “New Comp City”  mix-tape from Compton California Artist iAmCompton.  Shout out to Biz for the assist Social Networking: Instagram: @iamcompton Twitter: @iAmCompton Read More »

Harm – “Watching Horror Movies with the Lights” (Prod By Sap)

Harm hops on this Sap produced beat and gets some things off his chest. @hiharm …twitter @harm_quietstorm ..IG Read More »

Balt Vs Beats – “Arctic Service Announcement” Mash-Up

Producer/DJ Balthazar Getty drops another mash-up, blending Jay-Z’s “Public Service Announcement” with alt-rock outfit Arctic Monkeys “Do I Wanna Know”. The outcome is “Arctic Service Announcement”, a killer remix you can bang-out to. I f*cks with this. I was always a fan of mash-ups ever since the Jay-Z/Linkin Park wave. Read More »

How To Deal With Her Mental illness (@DarthVenn)

Dating someone with a mental illness can be such a struggle sometimes. Confusing, unsure, sad, a bit scary, and alarming. But, don’t you dare for a second think it can’t be beautiful. People with mental illness are the same as anyone else. Deep down I think everyone has one, just not as intense as others.  You love her, you need ... Read More »

How To Finesse Twitter (By @NorthKai_)

The internet is based on content.  Every tweet you send out is a form of content.  Pictures & videos being shared are another type of content.  Articles, reviews and text in general are the most recognizable forms of content. Once you have lots of people engaging with your content then you can start the process to generating income.  No matter ... Read More »

DeJ Loaf – “Like A Hoe” (Video)

DeJ Loaf drops a new visual for her track “Like A Hoe”  Read More »

Time Management Advice from Multi-Million Dollar Producers (@pgoodiezz)

“The only time I waste is time I spend doing something that, in my gut, I know I shouldn’t.” – Simon Sinek We often talk about the value of time and rarely the importance of a schedule.  Time, as with any gift or talent is quickly wasted without proper management. Here are some tips provided by top producers on how ... Read More »

Its Bizkit presents … “Facecard” Ft. Manolo Rose, Mike Zombie, Bizzy Crook, Telli & Black Dave (Video)

Its Bizkit presents “Facecard” produced by Birthday Salute A visual compilation. Read More »

Frank Pacino – “I Feel It” (Video)

Check out this video from Frank Pacino titled “I Feel It” off his The MeloMan EP Read More »

Rich Person ft. Mo$e.A – “Word 2 Stunna” (Video)

Rich Person drops “Word 2 Stunna” inspired by cash money’s CEO Birdman. This is the second offering off Rich persons’ debut project NewYorkFornication: Don’t be afraid 2 luv me… available @ | Read More »

The Truth About Your Uncertain Life Path & Purpose

*Via Zenhabits.Net* If you’re in your 20s or even 30s, you might feel a lot of uncertainty all the time — you aren’t sure what your life purpose is, or your uncertain about what path you should take in life. This is normal. We all want to know what our driving ambitions should be in life. We all want to ... Read More »

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