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King Nevada – “Never Change” (VIDEO)

Here’s the 2nd Visual off King Nevada Don’t Try This At Home project Shout out to Scrap behind the camera. Read More »

Niki Ellis – “Carry on” (VIDEO)

New Britain, CT’s own Niki Ellis returns with a new visual for her record “Carry On” off of her Beautiful Struggle EP.  The Song taps in to her life & lets everyone know through the hard times she will carry on & so should you. Check it out & stay tuned for more from Niki! Twitter/Instagram : @NikiEllisMusic Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

This all Meek fault — Ak Augmon (@IcebergAk) August 29, 2015 not being hardheaded will make your girl wanna let your hit the back of her throat er' day multiple times a day but y'all niggas aggy — Bill Nye . (@slowly_blowme) August 28, 2015 these niggas got too much time on they hands like these hoes❗️ — Destini (@_trinitysymone) ... Read More »

The Top 3 Careers With The Most Psychopaths

*Via HigherPerspective.Com* What comes to mind when you picture a psychopath? A crazy ax-murderer? Psychopaths don’t always fit that mold. The clinical diagnoses is a person who has shallow emotions or lacks empathy. Sounds like corporate America is loaded with them! Kevin Dutton, a research psychologist at the University of Oxford, has dedicated much of his life to studying the ... Read More »

5 Dream Killers Keeping You From the Life You Could Have

*Via Entrepreneur.Com* Everybody has dreams.  Whether it’s a couple who dreams of one day being parents, a bench scientist who dreams of finding a cure for cancer or a minimum-wage worker who dreams of one day becoming an independent entrepreneur- — we all have dreams. While there are many external obstacles that dreamers and entrepreneurs have to overcome, the truth is that many dreams ... Read More »

Pre Season (EYE CANDY)


Big K.R.I.T. – “86”

Inspired by his favorite whip, ’86 Chevy Monte Carlo, Krit gives us a new joint titled “86” Read More »

Jay Rock Interview with The Breakfast Club (VIDEO)

Jay Rock sits down with The Breakfast Club to discuss his new album and more. Read More »

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Eagles Epic Comeback Against Giants (VIDEO)

Read More »

Brother Polight – The Life Of Herbs For A Healthy Life (VIDEO) Read More »

J-Brook – “Brooklyn Knight” (VIDEO)

New visual from J-Brook titled “Brooklyn Knight” Read More »

Don’t F*ck This Up: A Girl’s Guide to Keeping It Cool W/ The Guy You Like. (By @CrisLex)

So you met a guy and things are going soo damn good. Good Morning texts, Facetime-ing, flirtatious tweets, hangouts/dates and unexpected sweet phone calls. You are glowing. You feel good. And this guy, this guy…he just makes you feel like you are Aphrodite on a Spring day. But hold up, wait a minute, those familiar feelings of uncertainty start to ... Read More »

He Cheated…and You Need To Realize A Few Things (By @DarthVenn)

Being cheated on is a touchy subject…and I love touchy subjects. So touchy we shall go. I just want to discuss some things you should, realize, consider, and think about whether you take him back or you leave for good. I want to make something clear, if it was a breach of trust on your relationship it counts as cheating. ... Read More »


DOPE 1. Pittsburgh Steelers signing Mike Vick 2. Chik Fil A lemonade 3. Paypal Debit Cards 4. The Beige Phillip Show Podcast 5. Nature – For All Seasons Album 6. #HennyFestBBQ Vs #Hennypalooza 7. Seth Rollins 8. Parmesan Garlic sauce from BWW 9. Shrimp & Broccoli with white rice 10. Henny Slushies NOPE 1. First Take new host Molly Qerim ... Read More »

Don’t Become a Revolving Door (By @DerrickMills92)

This post ties into the ISM. When broads begin kicking it with you and feeling your vibe they’ll become entranced by the ISM and won’t want to leave (which is a good thing). However, some broads are lame or simply not ready. Sometimes people have to go through some shit to get their minds, bodies, and souls right. I call this ... Read More »

Chase N. Cashe ft. BANKSKEE – “W.O.N.”

New music from the soul brother Chase N Cashe featuring BANKSEE (Sour Posse). Won’t lie, I wasn’t really big on Chase when I first heard him but he’s getting better and seems to be finding his wave. Look out for his new project, The Heir Up There 2, Dropping October 15th. Read More »

Danny Evans – “Only The Best” (VIDEO)

Official release of Danny Evans “Only The Best” music video. The track is off Danny’s ’NWNM Vol. 2′ Mixtape available now on Visit Danny Evans official website for more videos and authentic got fuego apparel. Twitter: FollowEvans Instagram: DannyEvansMusic Read More »

SongList ft. Neek Bucks – “Feel Better” (Remix)

Born and raised in the South Bronx, Songlist discovered his love for music at a very young age. He sang along with artists on the radio, hoping to one day acquire the same success. It wasn’t until his time at the prestigious Boys Choir of Harlem, did he really begin to own his skills by learning to read and compose music. With ... Read More »

Roberto Horns – “Fake Smiles” (VIDEO)

Here’s a visual from Roberto Horns for his new song “Fake Smiles”. Song is dope on it’s own but the video definitely adds more wave to it. Check out more from Roberto at RobertoHorns.Com and follow him on Twitter -> @RobertoHorns Read More »

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Tariq Nasheed – The Bunny Ruckus Mentality (VIDEO)

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The Rock gives The Nation of Domination gifts (VIDEO)

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Troy Ave Ft Ty Dolla $ign – “Do Betta”

New Music from Troy Ave Featuring TY Dolla $ign off Ave’s Major Without A Deal album. Read More »

Dave East – “PartyThisWeeknd” Freestyle

This Weekend (All Pun Intended) Dave East is having an event at Sweet Chick’s Ludlow restaurant in NYC. Come and enjoy some food over a playlist of PartyNextDoor x Weeknd Music , Dave will also give a preview to 3 new songs off of his upcoming Hate Me Now mixtape. This Freestyle/Flier is your formal invite , see you there. Read More »

So, They Left You….Now What? (By @DarthVenn)

So they left you, you feel like dying, you feel like you’ll never get over it, and the pain will never end. You wanna get over it, you want the sunshine inside you again. Well, I’m here to give you some steps to try. I’m here to be your dumped guru. I’m here to show there’s sunshine on the other ... Read More »

Plan B? (By @OohCrissy)

I have no interest in returning to school, I’m technically a college drop out.. But I’ve realized traditional schooling isn’t for me. I know me well enough to know this and to continue to acquire debt for a piece of paper, I don’t really care to acquire is pointless… What about the knowledge Cristina ? The credentials ? I don’t ... Read More »

Bruce Lee’s Personal Book Collection (VIDEO)

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Kadeem King Ft Tray Pizzy – “The New Classic” (VIDEO)

​East Harlem emcee, Kadeem King, calls on the Bronx bomber, Tray Pizzy to bring us their latest visual for “The New Classic”. Considering the originality and bona-fide style of both emcees on this record, It’s safe to say that New York is sounding like New York again. While many “rappers” continuously aim for a southern sound, or a formula they think works best, ... Read More »

Haddy Racks – Respect The Come Up Vol 1 (Mixtape)

With a gritty, street, yet real and identifiable sound, Bronx Bomber, Haddy Racks exhibits that feel the game is critically lacking.  On his latest mixtape, Respect The Come Up, you’ll hear Mr. RackdUp go in on some of your favorite classics, from old to new, which only displays his versatility as an artist. He isn’t just a local rapper following a trend. Haddy is consistent and feels ... Read More »

“Church For The Wild” Podcast EP 25: “Laws Of Finesse”

On Episode 25: “Laws of Finesse” The Church For The Wild crew give listeners gems to help maneuver through life. With Music from DJ No Answer. Enjoy! Read More »

UnorthoDoxxx – Lucky 7 (EP)

Check out this new EP from my guy UnorthoDoxxx For more music check him out at Read More »

Ye Ali – Private Suite (EP)

Damn, this came out of nowhere. I was waiting on Ye to drop his Traphouse Jodeci album and he drops this 4 song EP. Not mad tho. Time to roll up. Read More »

Clean mind, clean body……Sh!t Real (By @OohCrissy)

Your body is directly correlated to your mind, the body is the servant to the mind. If you want to be honest with what shape your mind is in, look at your body, examine your health.. How do you feel in your body? Are you comfortable? Disgusted? Proud? Ashamed? Think of your mindstate. I completely let myself go in college, ... Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

friendlationships are the future — Ghost of Uncle Ron (@RegularAssRon) August 21, 2015 Do not try to explain anything to an angry woman. Don't bother. Just don't. — IllimitableMan (@IllimitableMan) August 21, 2015 I never heard Boys 2 Men singing about the hoes n how disloyal they were — Mally Fre$h (@Mally62st) August 21, 2015 If her toe nails white ... Read More »

Joey B Ft Trev Rich & Red Pages – “Wrong Time”

Joey B (of Masstapeace) teams up with fellow Massachusetts representative Red Pages and Denver, Colorados Trev Rich to bring you a very notable lead single, ‘Wrong Time’, off Joey’s forthcoming album ‘Closure’. ‘Wrong Time‘ see’s both emcee’s reflecting on past relationships that appear to have dwindled years earlier potentially for the better of all parties involved. Red Pages delivers an ... Read More »

Stop worrying about Lala & Carmelo and read this

F*ck if lala cheated. Order this book and get your mind right. HypsoConsciousness describes the human being’s low level of awareness in the face of today’s fast moving, and stress producing environment. It offers various exercises to aid the individual in elevating his level of consciousness through concentration, relaxation, centeredness, will power and the development of a “superior I.” I ... Read More »

J-Alta – “Where Ya At” Freestyle

Brand new freestyle from J-Alta over Future’s “Where Ya at” Instrumental Read More »

Am I a Hoe? (By @AujaBomaye)

I think every day for a week straight I’ve seen a hoe conversation on the Twitter Machine. Every single day. Relationship expectations and “talking” and “fucking” and “dating” and “I mean they cool or whatever”-ing. All week long I say. And it reminded me of this research I been doing so I happened to ask someone about the rules and ... Read More »

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Dave East – “Fucc The Police”

Dave East goes NWA for this new joint off drian Swish’s On The Set: Crips And Bloods compilation Read More »


Read More »

How to “Netflix and Chill” with Success (By @Smitty1423)

Cuffin Season is right around the corner so here are a few tips to properly “Netflix and Chill. 1. Setting the Stage I wouldn’t advise “Netflix and Chillin” the first date due to the fact it is a very personal experience. If it’s successful for you by all means do it. This type of event is most effective the second ... Read More »

Lo the Great ft Frank O – “Young N!ggaz”

New joint from Lo the Great featuring Frank O titled “Young N*ggaz” Read More »

“See The Problem is……” (By @BoxdenFresco)

See the problem is you’re willing to risk your life to make a left hand turn. What is wrong with you bruh?? That just tells me you don’t manage risk well. You can’t just do shit without calculating the risks. Left hand turns are risky bruh. Unprotected nights of passion are risky bruh. But sometimes it’s worth it. You might ... Read More »

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