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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 33 (By Kevm3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 33 (By Kevm3)

There are very few ‘gems’ left in modern society. Most women are doing their thing. Abandon God? Nah. The only thing you’re going to find with those two-timing type of women is just how scandalous women can be when they’re cheating on you and the such. It’s difficult for a man of faith to find a wife… any man for that matter. We’re simply in a society where ‘traditional values’ are not encouraged. As bad as you think you have it, it will be 10 times worse if one of these scandalous broads got you in their mitts… for example, you impregnated one and you’re on hook for child support, or she planted someone else’s kid on you and you’re on hook for child support.

The only thing for you to really do is to condition yourself to not place your self-worth on women. Also, realize that there is a world full of women… billions of them, and get yourself in a position to where you are fluid and not tethered to your current location. Sometimes you will find much better results in different locations. Finally, what you’re experiencing is not God abandoning you, but rather the majority of society abandoning God. It might feel lonely when you’re not with someone, but that’s nothing compared to what the wrong woman can do to your life. Women are not worth sacrificing your faith over.


 A lot of us want to start families and find that one lovely woman who would hold us down, but really, it isn’t like that. A lot of women just want to sleep around and then wait until their 30s to find someone after they’ve gotten around.

I recommend you keep the faith and doing what you’re doing. You won’t find anything messing around with easy women and whoremongering it up. In fact, what you will find out is WORSE, especially if you get one of these women pregnant or you get one of these crazy women that know how to play games with your mind. It’s hard to adhere to principles, but that’s what makes you principled… sticking to those principles in tough times.

You heard the saying, you can’t make a ho into a housewife? Imagine you wrap up one of these women and you think she’s loyal but 10 years down the line you find out that your son really isn’t yours… then you find out this woman divorces you and puts you on alimony and child support and she goes around messing with other men and have them sleeping in a house you are paying for. This isn’t theory. This is reality for some men.

Do NOT deal with unprincipled women, nor should you become unprincipled yourself. It’s tough in this day and age brotha, but God gave you principles and they will keep you from getting into a worse situation.


When a woman says she has a controlling ex, it could mean that she did have some crazy dude who wants to control every aspect, but then again, it could mean that she had a regular dude that kept trying to reel in her out of pocket behavior, hence him being called ‘controlling’. If she regularly goes to clubs and has a lot of male friends, I can see why her ex would be controlling, and if that’s the case, I’d avoid. Choose whichever woman you feel will give you peace of mind over the long-term… say if you had to disappear for the month, the one you feel would hold you down the best. Looks fade, but a lack of character doesn’t, and the last thing you want to be tethered to is a woman who snakes you out.


When women start doing the distant thing, more times than not, another guy is starting to get involved.

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