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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 32 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 32 (By KevM3)

When you like yourself and you are comfortable with yourself and you actually get out and about and you put yourself in different environments and you live life without the intent of ‘catching this or that woman’, you end up enjoying yourself a lot more and you get much higher quality of a woman. Why? Because you’re not putting on this fake persona. You don’t end up being confused about what to say next, nor do you feel awkward and uncomfortable because you’re trying to force some interaction.

The ultimate key is to not change up and cater to a woman and be comfortable being who you are. Then you sit back and you focus on the women that are interested in you and don’t bother with the ones that aren’t. If you’re in a particular area and the women aren’t too into you, don’t be afraid to go to another location. Location is HUGE. Some women may not be feeling you in such and such place, but they are feeling you in another… but really, the key is to not change up your personality and get into all this role-playing and faking because it will give you a headache and it’s not really fun at the end of the day. When you focus on dealing with women that naturally like you for you, you won’t have the 10,000 questions that pop up like, “What do I say next” or “how do I spark her interest.” You only ask those questions when you are dealing with a woman who has low interest in you, and the best thing to do in that situation is not to turn into a chameleon and try to play into what she likes… it’s to move on to a woman that naturally likes your style. I’m telling you, it will save you a ton of time and be 10,000 times more enjoyable since you are actually relaxing and being yourself and you’re dealing with someone you constantly won’t have to monitor your actions and wonder if you’re being ‘alpha’ enough with.


On losing a good girl ….

Ultimately, it starts with realizing that you are severely affecting others with your actions. You’ll have a lot of people cheering on the playa lifestyle, but when you see how you can completely alter the mentality of someone that trusts you and cares about you for the worst, you’ll come to realize, as you have, that it’s not worth it. Like Reincar said, it starts with you, and it requires taking action. The key is ultimately aligning your words with your actions.

Honestly, to lose a quality girl is extremely difficult because you’ll now be exposed to what most of us are dealing with. We never miss what we have until its gone. I’m telling you man, these hoes ain’t worth anything. Watch how they are around to break up your relationship, but as soon as you need them or after you break up, they’re nowhere to be found.

In the end, you simply have to find value in a quality woman and make a commitment to yourself to stop delving outside. Maybe it will take some time by yourself and actually dealing with the ‘average woman’ of today to see what kind of situation you’ll be dealing with if you lose a quality woman.


The less you try to figure them out and the more you require them to get with the program or you move on, the better because you’re not wasting your mind worrying about something which is probably nonsensical. “He didn’t have that super swag I like.” One thing I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older is that figuring out what exact reason women are doing something is pointless. Either they are with you or not. Either they stay in steady contact or not, etc., etc. If not, move on and no more worrying about a woman that’s not in the mix.

Women are unpredictable in this day and age, so they are simply dessert, IF that. She’s allowed to make my life better, but if she’s not here, I’ll still be fine and if she makes it worse, she has to get on.

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