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Daily Archives: June 16, 2015

8 Ways That Rachel Dolezal is Really F***ing Things Up For The Rest Of Us

*Via @CountryClubInk for Medium.Com* And by us, I mean the light-skinned girls, the red bones, the mixed chicks; the Nicole Ari Parkers, the Whitley Gilberts, the thick chick from Floetrys; the women who look kinda like me that just had their identities hijacked by some mentally unwell white woman. It’s bad enough that we were the cold, cheating, godless wife ... Read More »

The Kanye West Kardashian Jenner Discussion by Ali Shakur & Damian Part 1 (VIDEO)

Shout out to Ali Shakur. Get more from him at Read More »

If You Hate Your World, It’s Because You’ve Outgrown It

*Via* “If you hate your life, you haven’t’ seen enough of it. If you hate your life, it’s because your life is too small and doesn’t fit you.” ― Augusten Burroughs When I find myself hopelessly depressed, it’s a feeling similar to the crushing sensation of claustrophobia. I feel trapped within the confines of my own world, as if the walls ... Read More »

Time & Space (EYE CANDY)

Read More »

Brother Love Show with Sensational Sherri (VIDEO)

RIP Sensational Sherri Sensational Sherri >>> Nicki Minaj Read More »

Stalk Her Instagram: Blvckswn


The comeback after the setback

*Via Zenhabits.Net* I set myself a challenge recently, and I’ve been failing at it. I decided to only eat bland food, with no variety. The month is only 2/3 over, but I’ve struggled much more than I’d anticipated. It’s such a minor setback, but it’s made me feel a little depressed sometimes, and I’ve wanted to quit more times than I’d ... Read More »

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