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Daily Archives: June 10, 2015

“The Mole” Season 1

Don’t f*cking sleep on this. It’s classic. Read More »

2Pac High on Arsenio Hall in 1993 (VIDEO)

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Stalk Her Instagram: CBQuality

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Stalk Her Instagram: CreateddLove

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Stalk Her Instagram: _missferrari

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Stalk Her Instagram: milanbomb

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Stalk Her Instagram: sophriella

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#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

You leave your phone out and your girl actually has a desire to go through it? Wow. Seems stressful — Velvet Hoop (@BoptimusPrime) June 10, 2015 She ain’t happy I see it in her thighs — Nerd Nash (@NerdAtCoolTable) June 9, 2015   Don’t listen to me. I don’t even have a girl anymore. — Ghost of Uncle Ron (@RegularAssRon) ... Read More »

Why Wall Street’s ‘Eat What You Kill’ Motto Is The Only Way To Live

*Via BusinessInsider.Com* An anonymous commenter named “Frank” wrote on an article I wrote, “Every time Altucher opens his mouth or posts commentary, he subtracts from the sum total of all human knowledge.” Frank is absolutely right and I congratulate him for recognizing that. I do subtract from the sum total of all human knowledge when I speak. I’m not human. ... Read More »

Troy Ave – Major Without A Deal – Documentary (Pt. 1)

Part 1 of Troy Ave’s Major Without A Deal documentary features 50 Cent, Fab & TI. Read More »

Troy Ave – “June 5th” (VIDEO)

I feel like people won’t really peep how hard Major Without A Deal is til the smoke clears. Here’s a joint off that album. Shout out to Hovain & The Whole BSB Read More »

MPA Wicced ft Migos & Jose Guapo “Customer”

For more from this Atlanta artist, check out his mixtapes Fenago,  featuring DJ Scream and DJ Swampizzo, In The Mean Time, featuring DJ Lil Keem, and Blue Diamond, featuring DJ Testarosa, out now. Read More »

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