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Daily Archives: June 2, 2015

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 32 (By KevM3)

When you like yourself and you are comfortable with yourself and you actually get out and about and you put yourself in different environments and you live life without the intent of ‘catching this or that woman’, you end up enjoying yourself a lot more and you get much higher quality of a woman. Why? Because you’re not putting on ... Read More »

“Oh, b!tch…..” (By @Kadenjax)

You’re over it, be honest with yourself. At this point you’re just waiting impatiently for the end.  But, damn …breaking up in your wild-out days is a hell of a lot different than in your almost/early30s Ishouldjustsettle days. SINGLE? Yikes. I mean, you like music but clubs are irritating and you’re tipsy/sleepy after one drink, anyway. You like attention, but ... Read More »

Future – “No Compadre” (VIDEO)

In my humble opinion, this is the hardest song on 56 nights. Read More »

Jay Rock – “Money Trees Deuce”

This sh!t is fucking hard Jay Rock album coming soon. Read More »

DJ Contagious – “I’m going through some things right now” MIX

Here’s a dope mix from DJ Contagious to get you through the week. Shout out to @CG_0d for the assist Check out more from DJ Contagious –> Read More »

Kid Exquisite – 95 EP

In honor of the golden era’s pinnacle Kid Exquisite brings a new generation back to the essence with the 95 EP. The 19 year old Queens native adds his own flavor to beats from 1995 which is the year he was born and now 20th anniversary of all these classic songs. Follow The Kid From Queens Twitter: @KidExquisite_ Instagram: @KidExquisite Read More »

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