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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 31 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 31 (By KevM3)

If you perceive her as a decent woman, don’t waste time ‘hoing’ her out


We as men complain about not being able to find decent women, but then so many men end up hitting and quitting ’em and turning them into the kind of woman we despise.


One of the biggest problems we have in this day and age are men and women who reward dysfunction. We, as men do it, when we overlook the women with high character for fast, loose women who have a big butt. That’s what I find hypocritical about a lot of the PUA stuff. These guys claim they want a quality woman, but they’re the same ones trying to convince women to engage in whoredom and saying to shuck women aside who aren’t putting out quickly. How does that make any sense?

On the other side of the coin, we have women who claim they want some decent guy, but they keep getting banged out by thugs and losers over and over. The bottom line is if you don’t reward and make your attention exclusive to the type of person you claim you want to attract, then you are playing a losing game.


ust because she’s fine on the outside doesn’t mean she’s pretty on the inside, and when you’re face to face dealing with this fine woman every day, once the novelty of fine looks wear off, you’re left dealing with how she actually treats you, which, in the case of a lot of dimepieces, they treat men like they are disposable… and once these dimepieces lose their looks, they still retain their pattern of behavior since it is so ingrained, but they can no longer get away with it since men won’t put up with bad treatment from a mediocre looking woman… and ultimately they are left single or jumping in and out of marriages.


Modern feminism is a government sponsored movement with the intents of creating rifts between men and women through psychological and systematic manipulations. The purpose is to break up the family structure, which then creates a situation in which the population is dependent on the state for sustenance. Since there is no father figure in the house, it’s likely the mother will have the child and be forced to rely on the system to supplement her income due to limited financial contributions from the father. This reliance creates a dependence, and this dependence is a control mechanism in which if you don’t comply, your means of living is shut off.

The fact that you have men actually going to other countries thousands of miles away in order to find a woman they want to settle down with shows how devastating these policies have been on the relationship between men and women. One only has to look at the monumental drop in marriage rates to see that this is true. It is sad, but ultimately men and women are being robbed of having rich, deep relationships with each other, and now, they look upon each other as sex objects to be used and discarded.

A man and a woman should be a team that works together and looks out for each other, and not be two competing entities attempting to compete for the top spot in the power chain. The power chain is irrelevant. A man and a woman who are together should use their designated rules for MUTUAL benefit. A man is at the head of the household, but that doesn’t mean he is in a ‘superior’ position to the woman. He’s merely taking on a different role. Men and women casting aside their roles and being brainwashed to fight each other over power leads to what we have today… people wandering aimlessly, wondering why their relationships never seem to last.

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