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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 30 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 30 (By KevM3)

One of the keys to life is just focusing and finding joy in those things that are in your control and learning to do without those things that aren’t. I can choose what I study in my freetime. I can fill my day with activities I enjoy. I can choose the thoughts I allow in my head. The culmination of these activities will largely determine my mental state.

On the other hand, I CAN’T control what a woman is going to do or whether she is going to be loyal. So it would be foolish to build the foundation of your happiness on something that is so completely out of your control. At most, you can screen women and hope they turn out well, but it’s always best to look at women as something on the side to whatever you are doing. It’s very easy to get out of your zone and start ‘chasing chicks’, when you should really be chasing your mission or passions and letting the women who are attracted to that make themselves available to you. That’s not to say to not approach or to talk to women. It’s more to say to lower your priority and expectations of them and never wake up and have the pursuit of women as the sole expression in your mind. Why? You can’t control their comings and goings, and as soon as they leave, they take all the benefits they brought with them.


A man can’t let bum broads in his immediate area affect his happiness. He has to establish himself to have fluidity. In other words, get in a position to be financially secure to where you can actually explore the world and don’t be afraid to talk to women from across the world to find a fit. Guys don’t realize how much these western women have been poisoned by feminism until they’ve dealt with women without such a virulent mentality

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