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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 29 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 29 (By KevM3)

I find life best lived when you focus on things IN your control and not out of your control. I don’t know the time or the date when the woman I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with is going to show up. I can’t control what some particular woman I’m dealing with is doing. What I can control is me focusing on things that improve my life like Jesus, my programming, and just getting out and having fun. Although I can’t control all of the actions of any woman I’m dealing with, I CAN control the KIND of woman I let in my life. If I have to constantly get on her about doing basic things right, then I have the control the let her go. If something is shady or off about her, I have the control to distance myself with her if I ever let her get close to me in the first place.


Life is way too short to limit your enjoyment of it based upon what someone else is doing. There may be a lot of scandalous women out there, but I’m not going to let them mess my day up if at all possible. I’d love some super-loyal wifey type, but until that time comes I’m not going to stress out a bit over it, nor will I force a woman who isn’t fit for that role into that role.


The most beautiful observation I’ve come through throughout all of the years? It’s perfectly fine to be myself and I don’t have to be some fake construct that ‘women want’, nor do I have to ‘prove myself’ worthy of any woman. I can breath a sigh of relief and never second guess myself and worry if my actions are pleasing to this or that woman or this or that person. I don’t have to put on some fake pickup artist, monster mack persona. It is very powerful to simply say, “I don’t care if you will be around because I’m not going to attempt to impress you. If you’re going to be around, it’s because you enjoy me for who I am and not what you would imagine me to be.” Allowing people walk who can’t accept that will release a huge burden on your mind.

I can simply focus on the blessings I receive and screen any woman I come across to see if she aligns with the life I’m leading. Life is 10 times better when you simply shift your thoughts and focus onto the stable and reliable things in life, whether that be God, family, your best friends, and a job/business/career you enjoy, etc. Most of us stress out because of our own doing. We simply spend time and money on women we know had no business being in our lives, or we try to force some situation by turning into a fake dude in order to keep this woman around. In other words, we simply tried to take shortcuts and it came back on us every time. Although we’d all love that top notch, loyal woman to be there, there’s simply zero reason to waste your days away feeling down because she hasn’t come around yet. There’s no reason to complain about there being no daylight in night time. It’s much better to simply enjoy the moon.


The less time and effort you put into worrying about women, the better. That’s not to say ‘don’t deal with them.’ It’s to say if the majority of your day is spent either worrying about or strategizing about procuring this or that woman, you’re doing things wrong. When you have your life together, women start strategizing on being with you. You really don’t want to come from a position where you’re the one who is chasing. You need to put yourself in a position where it’s YOU who are filtering out the women you come across.

Never let any woman so consume your thoughts that they can completely alter your mood and ruin your day. If they aren’t bringing more joy than headaches, she has to go

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