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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 28 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 28 (By KevM3)

Find a way to enjoy your life regardless of whatever woman you are dealing with is doing. If she goes cold and disappears, oh well, she can be replaced… but never let a woman cause you a ton of stress or have you worrying about her.

I used to sit around worrying about why this woman who supposedly loves me disappears for weeks without hitting me up. You learn pretty much a woman mouthing, “I love you” often doesn’t amount to much. Now, screw all that worrying. You disappear for a week or two and I’m pretty much cutting you off and moving on. When you know what the game is, you know how to react accordingly and not sweat over someone who ain’t sweating over you.


Text these women when you feel like it. It’s a waste of time to try to figure out the perfect frequency in which to text women. Just be somewhat regular about it, as in don’t just disappear for a week and pop up a week or month later like everything is cool. Stop trying to hold on to broads you don’t really have. If you have to carefully manage the exact frequency of texts when dealing with some particular woman, she isn’t really feeling you that much.

It’s headache inducing trying to ‘strategize’ over some woman. Either she’s feeling you and makes it simple to deal with her or not. If you have to tip toe, it’s probably better to keep it pushing and find another woman.


One of the hardest things to do, but necessary is to let go of things we know are going sour. When a woman starts checking out, I think we got to man up and let it go. The average guy will double up and try to up her interest levels, but more times than not, she’s ready to move on and you’ll just be the fall-back option.

This ties in well with learning to be alone because I think sometimes you just have to accept that you’ll be by yourself. A lot of dudes, instead of being alone, do anything for scraps of female attention, which ultimately result in giving attention to women cheaply. This results in women devaluing men. The only reason a lot of these women can get away with the stuff they do is because they have 10,000 backups or know they can get new male attention easily. Do you think she’d be so quickly to check-out if she knew that no man was going to pay her attention for a long time? Men are simply interchangeable now because they make themselves that way. They sell their product, which is their attention and time, way too cheaply. I think a lot of these women would think twice about cutting plans short and flaking if she felt actual repercussions for doing so and couldn’t easily rope the guy back in as if nothing happened.


You see a lot of these rappers and rnb singers with women that punch in under what you’d expect them to be with. Look at Styles P, DMX, Usher and TI. The average guy can pull ‘better-looking’ women. These guys get fine women so easily, they already know what the average one comes with. Same thing with all of the players I knew. The women they ended up with is less fine than what they pulled in the past.

All those dime pieces these stars come across, it’s thrilling at first, but when you see that everything they were willing to do with you that they are willing to do with another star, then it messes with your mind. They eventually learn that these women want to be around the FAME and not particularly them… so they eventually go for a woman who was there ‘before the fame’ or at least LISTENS to them and pretends to be interested. They can still get played like in the case of Usher and that older woman he was dating before, but as you get older, other things start to take precedence over looks.

It reminds me of when Jesus talked to the Pharisees and compared them to washing the outside of the cup, but the inside is dirty. You may have this beautiful woman, but if her inner life is mangled, that dysfunction will tear your life apart as well. We, as men, attribute way more to looks than we should. It’s sort of like the garden of eve thing where that forbidden fruit looks the best. The dime isn’t easily available to the average man, so he starts attributing way more worth to beauty than should really be there. On the other hand, guys who’ve had their share see that it’s not necessarily all that it’s cracked up to be. If her morals and inner quality isn’t there, then you have nothing really.

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