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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 27 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 27 (By KevM3)

Men are constantly improving themselves, but on the other hand, women aren’t making that same effort because they’re never being held to any standard. When have you seen a recent conversation about a woman seriously improving herself because she wants to offer a better package to men? That she was learning to improve her cooking skills, be more submissive and learning to listen more, etc.?

You and I improving ourselves will improve the quantity of attention, but it won’t improve the quality. In fact, the modern feminist dialogue is actually allowing women to lower the standard even further with things such as the ‘slutwalk’ and talks about ‘stopping fat shaming.’ It’s allowing women to feel comfortable with 10,000 tattoos, in being obese, in having a foul mouth and bring no real desirable talents such as cooking or cleaning… On the other hand, men have to keep bringing more and more to the table for less and less The problem with that? A lot of women actually buy in.

The only way to get women to step up is for men to have some sort of standard for their behavior. Most men don’t. They are simply happy to get a little attention and they’re doing backflips. This allows women to constantly juggle a lot of dudes, do things such as give you their number and seem very interested, but you call and they flat out ignore your calls and texts. It allows them to break dates by flat out radio silence or just utterly absurd excuses… They can do that and demand higher quality of dudes while lowering their own standards because the modern man is unbelievably thirsty and accepts their nonsense no matter what. There’s a point where you realize that you offer plenty of value, but the product you are attempting to procure is shoddy so you keep your money in your pocket.

Tariq Nasheed had a podcast about him in Brazil and noticing essentially the opposite of what he saw here. Instead of a few dimes sprinkled among a ton of undesirable women, he saw a ton of fine women. He said their personalities were real cool. You know what else he noticed? He noticed that the males weren’t hounding them at all. These women were fine, but the Brazillian men weren’t swarming all around them, constantly complimenting them, etc. Therefore, these women actually had to maintain a standard for themselves, which includes staying fit and having a decent attitude. This dynamic is simply nonexistent here in America due to hordes of thirsty dudes who demand no quality.


The internet changed the game in a lot of ways. Before, an unattractive or mediocre woman only had the dudes around her way giving her attention, and she wasn’t getting much, so she actually had to have a sweet personality. Now, if she isn’t getting attention in her immediate area, she just has to post a shot on facebook or instagram and she’s going to get 500 messages. Even average girls have turned into mini superstars online..


Something we as men should be seeking is just dealing with genuine people, whether it’s a woman we date or just someone we choose to befriend. It’s very easy to get caught up in shallow characteristics because our base, primal nature pulls us toward it. For example, I love fine women, but this pursuit of beauty can easily lead me into situations where I’m dealing with women that are wrong for me because it can cause me to ignore that woman’s moral character. Before we check others, we have to check ourselves, because a lot of trouble will eventually be avoided in doing such.

Now on the issue of loyalty, if you reward a snake, the snake will bite you regardless. You reward a dog and the dog will likely give you even loyalty in return. When dealing with people, you have to eventually make an assessment of whether you are in the presence of a snake or a dog. If it’s a snake, get that person away from you as quickly as possible. No matter what you do, you will not be rewarded. In fact, you will be destroyed by destructive venom. On the other hand, if you are around the person who is akin to a dog, you do them well and they will be there when you most need them in life. Before you hand out your pearls (which are essentially precious elements in your life such as your time), be aware of what exactly you are dealing with.

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