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Daily Archives: October 5, 2014

Mook Mula – “Wait Ah Minute” (VIDEO)

New video from Mook Mula off his upcoming More Mula 2 mixtape. Read More »

“See The Problem Is….” (By @Boxdenfresco)

See the problem is niggas afraid to cry when they cut onions. Bruh why not? What you tryin to prove bruh? Everybody cries. I be crying my ass off just to keep my tear ducts clear. I be crying my ass off when I feel my blood pressure low so I can taste some salt. Cryin is good bruh. You ... Read More »

D – Black – “Tunnel Vision” (VIDEO)

Hailing out of Harlem, NY, D-Black is poised release his long awaited free EP, ‘Tunnel Vision’ on 11.11.14. This video, directed by Finding Home Pictures, features two records from the Harlem rapper’s upcoming EP. The first record, “Devil On Me” was produced by Alex Goose and the second record, “Tunnel Vision” was produced by Vitamin D. Follow @dblackcbc on twitter and Instagram ... Read More »

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