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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt.26 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt.26 (By KevM3)

We, as men, need to have integrity. We see how nasty this dating scene is, so we must do our best not to contribute to it. How can we complain about something if we are taking a direct part in causing it?

Leave other mens’ women alone. We might sit back and think we are being players or get some sort of ego boost from sleeping with another man’s woman, but in reality, we are merely aiding a traitor in her devious acts. The woman is not only playing her man, but she’s playing you as well. You’re merely being used as a bit of pleasure, and if things go south, that’s possibly your life on the line.

Also, how can men ever build if they can’t even have the privilege of knowing that their buddy isn’t sneaking behind their back socking it to their girl? Integrity goes a long way, and you will build some truly life-long friendships if you are a trustworthy person. Many doors will open up if someone knows they can trust you, especially around their woman or their finances.


We, as men, want to solve problems and want to do the best for a woman we care about, but really, women don’t want us to solve their problems, nor do they particularly care or appreciate what a dude ‘does’ for them. It’s a harsh truth, but it’s simply the reality of the matter. Many of us dudes here were ‘there’ for our women, listened to her problems, were her emotional rock, helped her out in the time of need and these women ended up getting bored, pulling the I’m busy routine and ended up fading away.

Bottom line is women actually prefer having some kind of problem around because it keeps them from getting bored. On the other hand, as men, most of us absolutely detest unnecessary drama, especially since it can have deadly repercussions. To women, drama is a sort of fun slice of entertainment, since more times than not, they are sheltered from the most severe repercussions of that drama. Women also love to have a man ‘listen’ to their problems, but not solve them…but in reality, who wants to hear complaining, especially about the same issue over and over?

Honestly, it’s quite backwards dealing with a lot of women in this day and age. One of the main takeaways is to learn to find happiness by yourself. If your happiness is contingent on another person, you will forever be at their mercy and will never end up happy for long because you never know what anyone will do next. I find this especially true when it comes to dealing with women. You really never know what they will do next, so it would be utter nonsense to base your happiness upon them because you will end up being bipolar.

There is simply too much to enjoy in life than to waste time providing the rodeo circus of drama and nonsense that most women want. Focus on finding your joy, and if a woman comes along that has her mind right, let her tag along. Otherwise, keep it pushing and keep enjoying life.


Minimize drama in your life. Never let a woman manipulate you to make someone else mad. Don’t bring that into your atmosphere.

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