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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 24 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 24 (By KevM3)

Rule number 1. You will never get anywhere with a woman by doing stuff for her or buying her stuff.

Rule number 2. Reread rule number 1.


One of the most important rules a man needs to understand when dealing with women is that THEY DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU DO FOR THEM. They care how you make them feel. This point often never registers with a lot of guys, and they think they will incur a woman’s loyalty by paying for her school, taking her to all kinds of dinners, buying her stuff, listening to her problems, etc. But despite all that they’ve done for the woman, she leaves him for some guy who has done NOTHING for her.

If you start getting into the notion that you need to start coming off of cash and other rewards to either procure the attention of or keep the attention of some particular female, you are headed in the wrong direction. Realize that if you can’t catch and keep her off of your personality and presence, then you need to be willing to let her go… otherwise you will end up spending a ton of money and time on this woman who is planning on moving on to another guy.

That is not to say never take your woman to dinner or buy her anything. It means that if you start getting the impression that you need to do those things to make her want to deal with you, you are headed down a bad path.


“Not chasing” females doesn’t mean you’re not pursuing them, talking to them, etc… not chasing means that when she shows you she’s not feeling you, you keep on looking for new angles to keep on messing with her… not chasing also means that if you’re together and she leaves, you’re not on some ‘baby come back, I’ll do anything to have you’ tip. If you don’t show some form of aggression and pursuit with females, you won’t have none… but to ‘chase’ a woman means to degrade yourself in your pursuit of her, especially when she shows no interest.


Another aspect you have to integrate in your mentality is just the love of being sharp and on point. A lot of guys workout, dress well, become social, etc., solely for the purpose of getting a single woman. As soon as they get that woman, their old, reclusive nature reemerges and they stop working out, stop getting out the house, stop dressing well, etc. They turn flabby and then they end up losing their woman and then they get stuck in a huge rut when they are older, out of shape and just out of the loop.You should look at improving yourself and embracing your style as something that is fun and something that is part of your lifestyle. Don’t do it for the women, and you should STILL do all those things even after you have a woman. For example, you still should dress crisp because you just love dressing sharp… You should still be hitting that gym… You should still be getting out the house. The benefit of this is that even if your current woman peels, you’ll still be extra sharp and you’ll be occupied with living life so you won’t be so hard up on her and you’ll have a lot of other women who want to take her place.

Something EVERY man needs to realize is that longevity with women can never be guaranteed, only promoted. In other words, it means there are no magical actions you can do that will guarantee a woman will never leave… you can only do what you think will help promote her staying around, but even with you doing all of that, you still have to be prepared for her to leave at any moment… Your preparation will consist of you steadily being ‘on your game’, which is what we just discussed, so that if she leaves, you won’t have a huge void… and you should also be mentally conditioning yourself not to get overly emotional if she leaves because you are prepared for it… If you realize ahead of time that any interaction with a woman may not necessarily be permanent, you will learn to limit your emotional attachment and dependence, which will save you a lot of trouble if she peels out ahead of time. finally, you always have to analyze the woman you are with and her position in relation to yours in order to minimize what she is able to walk away with. You do not want a woman doing a ‘smash-and-grab’ and taking as much of your stuff as she can on her way out the door.

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