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#AppGod: We don’t have to be on Instagram anymore

#AppGod: We don’t have to be on Instagram anymore

First let me apologize to the developer of this app and the innocent people already on it. After this post tons of Honeys & savages will be invading.

Please forgive me.

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Bascially Instagram with the ability to break your pics down into albums.

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Honeys…. You can make an album with nothing but selfies….It doesn’t get any better than that. Savages….You can an make album with nothing but big butts you lust. Or an album with just you hitting blunts… The possibilities are endless.

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You can even add music to your pics. Go ahead and add a Gucci Mane song to your vacation pics if your heart desires.

Who knows….Maybe this won’t get Instagram outta here but it’s def a hideout from the filth and MEME’s. Just download the app and at least appreciate how pure and peaceful it is…..Then thank me.


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