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Daily Archives: June 16, 2014

Hulk Hogan Vs. Ric Flair WWE Championship Match (VIDEO)

Hasn’t been any good wrestling matches on here in a while. You’re welcome. NerdAtTheCoolTable.Com >>>>> WWE Network Read More »

G-Unit – “They Talked About Jesus”

It’s like they never left. Read More »

Chase N Cashe – “Prozac” (VIDEO)

Chase N Cashe drops a visual for his new joint “Prozac” Read More »

#CoolTwitter: Coolest Tweets Of The Week

He put his thumb in my butt and that was it. whatever he asked. I was his. — Retired Ho (@YumiYoko) June 16, 2014 Can’t wife her if she likes wearing pants in the crib. — N@CT (@CoolTableTweets) June 11, 2014   I don’t trust your ego when you around your boys & patron… shoot that’s how you bagged me! ... Read More »

My retirement from the sneaker game (By @BBQx_)

It is with a not-so-heavy heart that I announce my retirement from the shoe game. Its just time. Like many great retirees before me, I do reserve the right to un-retire at any moment at the expense of credibility. But I don’t see it happening. The game has passed me by, if I’m being honest. I could do like many ... Read More »

“That Negativity That’s Around You” (By @CallMeMiniKC)

Quick disclaimer. I tend to use profanity within the shit I’m passionate about. So excuse me. Now, let me get to it. I’ll admit it. I’m struggling with this negativity shit with Family and Friends, too. Shit is quite annoying. I just want the support, not yo’ negative ass comments and energy. I got this pet peeve where, I can’t ... Read More »

Overcoming Fear Of Failure

* Via MindTools.Com * Have you ever been so afraid of failing at something that you decided not to try it at all? Or has a fear of failure meant that, subconsciously, you undermined your own efforts to avoid the possibility of a larger failure? Many of us have probably experienced this at one time or another. The fear of ... Read More »

Why You’re in the Friend Zone for Life (By @_Anamaniac)

This is for the men in the world who wanna wife up their “sis” or their “bestie.” The fact that shorty has those labels to begin with is the number one reason why you’re gonna do a life sentence in the friend zone. Take that L bruh. As a woman I can honestly say we deadass wish we can have ... Read More »

Troy Ave Feat. Lloyd Banks – “Your Style” (VIDEO)

Here’s the video for Troy Ave’s summer anthem “Your Style” featuring LLoyd Banks. Read More »

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