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Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 21 (By KevM3)

Quick Little Gems Dealing With Women Pt. 21 (By KevM3)

Something important that is often overlooked is how you should maintain your dignity and respect. Your real friends are way more important than these day to day broads you meet. WAY more. If you had a real friend and ya’ll are still cool to this day, you’ll know the importance of real friends. But on the other hand, where are all those women you dealt with in the past? More than not, they are nothing but a memory. I’m saying this to say that sometimes guys do shady things like spit game at their homeboy’s women and try to play it off and say, “Man she came at ME.” As a man, you got to turn that down. Never, ever deal with your potna’s woman. I don’t care how hard she is coming at you… do not allow a woman to have you engaging in snakish behavior with her and don’t allow her to destroy the bond you build with your true potnas. This is why fathers are needed in the household… simply because young men won’t hear this kind of talk from their moms


Something every man has to be prepared for is the woman that you are so close with… you have to be ready for her to walk at any time. It’s not easy to emotionally condition yourself to do so, but you have to mentally be ready for her to up and leave or to do something that will have you sending her away. A lot of guys get so dependent on a woman that they cannot ‘do without her’, and end up doing something drastic when she leaves. Love any woman you are with, but never, ever get so attached that you can’t see yourself without her.


One of the most dangerous assumptions that men make about women is that they were taught the exact same things that they, as boys, were taught when growing up. In some capacity, boys were taught to be fair, we were taught to treat women like ladies. To be nice… to be providers, etc. On the contrary, how often have you heard women being told to ‘woman up’ or to act like a lady? If you’ve been privy to hear women talk where they feel comfortable, you’d learn that in many aspects that they will discuss how to manipulate men for their own benefit. You don’t often hear philosophical discussions of fairness and decency in regard to men. While the average man is typically being taught to look at women as beings who are their equals who should be treated more than fairly, etc., women are often taught to look at men for their ‘utility’, or rather, what she can get out of him. “What kind of job does he have? Get a man that makes a lot of money. What kind of car does he drive? What did he buy you?” A woman will hear a lot of that talk from even her mother. A large population of women are trained by countless sources that it is ok to manipulate men via charm and other psychological techniques. Simultaneously, men are trained to be these suckers who are more easily manipulated, aka be chivalrous. If you are not aware what is happening, you will continually be used, abused and disrespected.

One of these techniques is called procuration by hint. She will indirectly suggest what she wants in order to hopefully get you to step up and take her up on her offer.
What she says: “Ughh, this month has been so hard for me financially. I don’t know how I will pay my bills.”
What she means: “Let me see if this dude will pay my rent.”

What she says: “That diamond ring is SO nice.”
What she means: “Let me drop hints so he knows what to get me if he decides to ‘surprise’ me with a gift.”

Women don’t often come out and directly say what it is they want or what they want you to do. They circle around the wagon… and if you notice, in this increasingly feminized society, a lot of dudes are using the exact same tactics. A lot of dudes are ‘hinting’ instead of going for directly. But anyways, back to manipulation technique discussion. Another one is favor stacking. This is where she asks for something small… she sees that you will do it, and she gradually builds the requests to larger and larger things. “Can you pick that pencil up for me?” “Can you bring me that over there?” “Can you drive me to the movies?” “Can you loan me some money?” When she gets you comfortable saying yes to the small things, she will go on to the larger things.

Another technique is ‘flipping the script.”
When she gets caught up doing something wrong, instead of owning up to it, she will ‘flip the script’ on you and try to make you feel about about something to get the blame off of her.
Man: “I saw you were out at the club when you told me you were sleeping.
Woman: “Oh, why you checking up on me? I feel sooo creeped out by your spying.”


The primary way that men lose when dealing with women is they have the attitude that they want to ‘be with the woman’ as opposed to having the woman ‘wanting to be with him.’ When you look at your interactions with women, you have to check yourself for the former attitude constantly. A lot of old school cats will tell you quite simply, “She has to like you more than you like her.” To further elaborate, you will enter into a losing relationship when the woman perceives herself as higher value than you and you also perceive her as higher value than you. From this perception will derive emasculating and catering behavior on your part, as well as disrespectful behavior on her part. As a man, you have to learn to keep your emotions in check and learn to limit the context in which you express that feeling of desire. You also have to be aware of the paradigm in play. Are you being looked upon as higher value? Are you consistently acting in the fashion of a man who is higher value? Ignore the mainstream agenda of ‘men and women are equal’. If you do not provide her a feeling that you are of higher value, then she simply won’t deal with you. Remember, women choose UP… and the element that determines your value the greatest is not materials, but rather, how you express yourself… your personality.

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